Phony claims by South African blacks

1) Blacks blame whites for all their economic problems. But Blacks are 100% responsible for the mess South Africa is now in. Actually it would be worse if whites had never settled South Africa. For instance, it was white immigrants who discovered diamond deposits, gold deposits and so on. Manufacturing and high tech industries were developed. It was whites who knew how to farm above subsistence level - which is where the average black farmer in Africa is at. Whites turned over to blacks a country that was already well established and properous. 

2) Blacks claim whites don’t belong in Africa. This is not true. Africa is not reserved for black people. It is not immoral or illegal for whites to live in Africa - whether blacks like it or not. Whites have been in Africa for over 300 years. That is long enough to be a ‘native.” 

3) The black government claims whites committed genocide to get the land. Wrong. There were no permanent settlements of blacks living in the Cape Town area which was the original settlement of the whites. Whites battled natives in convential warfare at times but there were no massacres of women and children like blacks did. The underlying reason why many blacks hate whites is jealousy because they lost the battles and whites built an advanced society out of nothing.

4) Claims that 80% to 90% of South Africa's LAND is owned by the white 10% of South Africa’s population is just not true. The true figure is 20 to 25% 

The ANC wants to base everything on quotas. Since South Africa is 90% black, the ANC wamts everything - jobs, farms, etc., to be 90% black run. This is the ultimate in stupid. Many blacks do not have the knowledge or desire to do these jobs. Many productive farms that have been turned over to blacks since 1994 have degenerated into subsistence farms. Jobs should not be based on a racial quota. The people with the ability to do technical jobs and run farms should be doing these jobs.