South Africa

Situation in South Africa today

The situation in South Africa today is simple. Most blacks don’t believe white people belong in Africa and there is nothing that the white South African minority can do change this mentality. This belief that Africa is only for blacks is pure racism. Blacks apparently forget that the northern third of Africa is Arab and Arabs have a long history of attacking and enslaving neighboring blacks. Where is black anger towards the Arabs? This hatred of whites by blacks is comparable to Adolf Hitler blaming all of Germany’s problems on the Jews.

Since majority black rule, the South African government, run by the African National Congress (ANC) has become totally corrupt. The ANC steals at all levels of government & cronyism is rampant. An elite with ANC connections have grown rich while most blacks still live in squaller. Unemployment has increased to 30-35% and many workers have a poor work ethic. Productivity is low, crime is rampant and the educational system is one of the worst in the world.  In 2017, South Africa’s bond rating was declared ‘junk’ by S&P Global and Fitch. Moodys downgraded South Africa to Baa3, the lowest rating before you get ‘junk’ status. South Africa - run by ANC despots - is a country with a dying economy. 

White’s are not responsible for the mess South Africa has become, but black politicians lay blame for the bad economy on whites anyway to distract the people from their own incompetence and criminal behavior. 

Many blacks want to dispossess whites of all of their possessions - by force - without any compensation. There is a growing segment of the black population that wants to exterminate whites - and this is talked about openly with such a casual attitude it’s hard to believe they are talking about mass murder - genocide. There are actually popular songs among blacks promoting genocide of whites at political rallies. This rhetoric provides the motivation and incitement blacks need to justify racial murders of whites. Torturing white children to death appears to have become a fad.

The black run government wants to commit genocide slowly and preferably by ‘criminal gangs’ so the government appears innocent. The police (mostly black) do their part by looking the other way. Doing it quickly - like in Rwanda, where the black Hutu tribe slaughtered between 500,000 to 1,000,000 black Tutsi tribe people - would not be accepted by the civilized world. The slaughter in Rwanda was accomplished in only 100 days in 1994.

Blacks refuse to acknowledge that much land used by whites today was attained by methods that were and are morally, legally and ethically correct. Whites in South Africa gained land in three ways:

• First, whites negotiated treaties with local tribes to own the land and some of these treaties can still be seen today in South Africa’s museums. 

• Second: Much land was unoccupied because blacks considered it uninhabitable. But whites dug wells and used other technology to transform barren land into productive land. 

• Third: The most controversial issue was the attainment of some land through conquest. It was however, common practice to acquire land through conquest in that specific era of world history. Everyone did it. Most every black tribe in Africa conquered land belonging to other black tribes in the past. Some land owned by whites today was conquered but blacks are only mad at whites. Why? It’s called racism. Blacks don’t want whites in Africa, so if whites take land, it is a crime against humanity forever. If blacks take land - O well, it’s a family feud and forgotten. Most whites acknowledge that some land was taken through conquest and feels that restitution of land should be done on a case by case basis with supporting evidence and with just and fair compensation since this land only became productive under white ownership. Are black tribes who conquered land from other black tribes going to make restitution?

Whites have done NOTHING over the past 350 years in South Africa to deserve genocide and whites have the right to defend themselves. How can blacks justify genocide and be so openly supportive of it? Do blacks have any concept of right and wrong?

Actually, blacks are guilty of much worse offenses then what white settlers did. For instance, in November 1837, a group of white settlers began negotiations with Zulu King Dingane to acquire land in what is today kwaZulu Natal province of South Africa. Dingane had become Zulu chief after killing his famous half brother King Shaka in 1828. Dingane agreed to give land to the settlers and invited a delegation of about 100 men to come to his camp for a celebration. They were told to leave their firearms outside the encampment. On 6 February 1838, the chief had Retief and his diplomatic party killed. Dingane then sent his soldiers to kill the remaining settlers back at their camps. Forty one men, 56 women and 185 children were killed, along with about 250 black natives.

In the early 1800s, the Zulu tribe, under King Shaka, turned the tribe into a fearsome fighting force and set out to conquer more land. The ensuing warfare resulted in 1 million or more black people being killed. After defeating an enemy, the Zulu practice was to absorb only the women and young men of a clan or village. They killed the elderly and men of fighting age. 

If you are dealing with a race that wants to wipe you off the face of the planet, separation is not an unthinkable idea. The reason whites have always been reluctant to agree to majority black rule is because they knew what the likely outcome would be - whites lose their rights, their farms and other possessions and sometimes their lives. The country disintegrates. This is what happened in Zimbabwe in 2001-02. Zimbabwe went from being a food exporter to begging the world to send in food so the country wouldn’t starve.

South Africa is now a Representative Republic in name only. The Judiciary is a tool of state policy and not independent. The Constitution is whatever the ANC wants it to be.


Method used to put whites at the mercy of black racists

Blacks have effectively disarmed whites. This is why the Second Amendment is so important in America. You never know. 

Long rifles have been outlawed and confiscated.

Whites only have handguns and paintball guns to defend their homes and themselves. It is now impossible for a white to get a license to purchase a hand gun.

Blacks are paid more then whites for doing the same job in industries.

Years ago people put their dogs outside as a watchdog. But blacks poisoned them and you must now keep them inside. Alarms systems are useless because blacks disarm them.


Phony claims by South African blacks

1) Blacks claim whites don’t belong in Africa. This is total racism. Africa is not reserved for black people. It is not immoral or illegal for whites to live in Africa - whether blacks like it or not. Whites have been in Africa for over 300 years. That is long enough to be a ‘native.” 

2) Blacks blame whites for all their economic problems. But actually it would be worse if whites had never settled South Africa. For instance, it was white immigrants who discovered diamond deposits, gold deposits and so on. Manufacturing and high tech industries were developed. It was whites who knew how to farm above subsistence level - which is where the average black farmer in Africa is at. Whites turned over to blacks a country that was already well established and properous. 

3) The black government claims whites committed genocide to get the land. Wrong. There were no permanent settlements of blacks living in the Cape Town area which was the original settlement of the whites. Whites battled natives in convential warfare at times but there were no massacres of women and children like blacks did. The underlying reason why many blacks hate whites is because they lost the battles and whites built an advanced society out of nothing.

4) Claims that 80% to 90% of South Africa's LAND is owned by the white 10% of South Africa’s population is just not true. The true figure is 20 to 25%  ????????????????