Mexican Leaders since independence in 1821

It's a LONG list for a country in near constant turmoil

Agustin de Iturbide 
• Crowned Emporer by Congress after mass demonstrations by supporters intimidated members. Iturbide dissolved Congress on Oct. 31, 1822, making himself dictator.

• Overthrown. Executed when he returned to Mexico
on July 19, 1824
May 19, 1822  -  March 19, 1823
(In office: 10 months)
Triumvirate of Pedro Celestino Negrete, Nicolás Bravo and Guadalupe Victoria
Mar 23, 1823 -  Oct 10, 1824
Interim President: Guadalupe Victoria 

October 10, 1824 to March 31, 1825.
President: Guadalupe Victoria 
• Duly elected.
• Served out his term - one of the few.
April 1, 1825 -  April 1, 1829
Manuel Gomez Pedraza                                                     Never took office
In the presidential elections of Sep 1, 1828, the winner was Manuel Gomez Pedraza, who was supported by President Victoria.  Vicente Guerrero rejected the results and organized a revolution with Santa Anna and others. After rebel forces bombarded the National Palace, Congress quickly annulled the election of 1828 and made Vicente Guerrero  President on April 1, 1829.
President: Vicente Guerrero
Vice President: Anastasio Bustamante
• Guerrero takes office by force.

• Bustamante organizes a revolt against Guerrero and Guerrero leaves the presidency to fight the rebellion. Guerrero was executed by Bustamante in 1831.
April 1, 1829 - December 18, 1829
(In office 8 months, 17 days)
Acting President: José María Bocanegra  
• Congress appointed Bocanegra interim president while Guerrero was fighting Bustamante.

• Removed by military.
18 December 1829 -  December 23, 1829
(In office 5 days)

Acting Presidents: triumvirate of Pedro Vélez (Head), Lucas Alamán and Luis de Quintanar.

Put into power by military.

December 23, 1829 - December 31, 1829
(In office 8 days)

President: Anastasio Bustamante (First time)

Bustamante installed by his own army. His oppressive policies provoked rebellion in parts of Mexico. He expelled U.S. Minister Joel Poinsett and executed Guerrero. Resigns Presidency to fight the rebellion.

31 December 1829 - 14 August 1832


Interim President: Melchor Múzquiz

Appointed president by Bustamante while he fights this latest rebellion against the government lead by Santa Anna. Bustamante and Santa Anna fight to a draw and decide on a compromise president -  Manuel Gómez Pedraza.

14 August 1832 - December 24, 1832


President: Manuel Gómez Pedraza

Put into the presidency by Santa Anna and Bustamante. On April 1, 1833, the Mexican Congress rejects Pedraza for Santa Anna.

December 24, 1832 - April 1, 1833


Acting president: Valentín Gómez Farías (first time)                    

Santa Anna refuses to take office - claims illness. Farias  runs the government for Santa Anna. He is an admirer of the American form of government and instituted many changes, but offended the elites. Santa Anna removed him from the presidency.

April 1, 1833 – May 16, 1833


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