Israel and Palestine

There will never be peace in the Middle East until the Muslim nations accept Israel’s right to exist. This will never happen because Islam teaches that the Jews are evil and must be annihilated. Some people believe that if Israel had not been created out of Palestine in 1948, the Muslims would not hate the west, especially the U.S. On the surface, this argument seems to have some merit, but a closer look at history reveals that this is not an accurate analysis of the situation.   The fact is, Muslims have been at war with the west since the time of Mohammed. The Crusades were a direct result of Muslim imperialism. Take away Muslim imperialism, and there would never have been any crusades.

So the question is, is Israel really the cause or a convenient excuse to justify Jihad against the infidels? The fact is, Muslim attacks against Jews in Palestine predates the creation of Israel by decades and was a major factor is desiring to form their own nation so they could protect themselves. So Muslims are partially responsible for the creation of Israel in 1948. 

Jihad (holy war) is a central belief of Islam. Moslem attacks against the infidels and fellow Muslims have been happening since the beginning of Islam.

If Israel ceased to exist tomorrow, nothing would change. This is a war against the West, Western Civilization, Christianity, freedom and democracy. The goal is to establish an Islamic theocracy through Sharia Law throughout the world. To believe that Islam can live peacefully with the west goes against the history of Islam and the stated goals in the Quran. Islam was founded on war and violence. This is a fact that cannot be denied. There will always be infidels to kill and martyrdom operations to carry out.  No religion in the world spews out hatred and superiority like Islam.

The two state solution will NOT bring peace. The two-state solution envisages an independent State of Palestine alongside the State of Israel, west of the Jordan River. Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza in a bid for peace but Gaza then became one big terrorist state, instigating constant violence with Israel. The West Bank would just become another Gaza. 

If you read transcripts of the broadcasts below as well as many other statements coming from Muslim countries, you will see that Islam must always rule. These vicious statements reveal a "state of mind" that is unable to engage in any rational discussion, or the abilty to reason.


Friday sermon on Palestinian Authority TV on April 12, 2002  "But the rock and tree will say: ‘Oh Muslim, oh servant of Allah, a Jew hides behind me, come and kill him.’Except for the Gharqad tree, which is the tree of the Jews.”

The Friday sermon of March 12, 2004 on Palestinian TV  "The Jews today – there is no doubt – are avenging their ancient forefathers, the sons of apes and pigs."

Interview with the children of Palestinian suicide bomber Rim Al-Riyashi, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on March 8, 2007. “Mama Killed Five Jews and She Is in Paradise”