School Shootings

Why white kids (and a Korean) are school shooters

and why (mostly) white kids are the victims

Generations of American children watched gun violence on Television and in the movies. From Westerns to crime dramas, from war movies and even in cartoons, American children were exposed to a society where guns were a normal part of life.  One of the most popular toys for boys were guns. However, even in this “gun culture,” they didn’t shoot up their schools. In fact, up until 20 or 30 years ago, kids would bring their rifles to school during hunting season, leave it in the office (in some cases unloaded in their lockers) and walk out the front doors after school to go hunting. Today this would be unthinkable. 

While the world has and always will have its crazies, this irrational violence directed against schools over the past 20 years isimpossible to explain - or is it? We’ve always had guns. Guns haven’t changed - people have. What’s changed is that in one generation there has been a historic shift in ethics, our culture and a profoundly negative attitude about America and our history. This fundamental shift has created a vastly different America in which we now raise our children. 

The insanity of mass shootings at schools, movie theaters, etc. are directly related to the growth of the “Hate America, Hate Whitey, God Is Dead” movement throughout society since the cultural upheaval of the 1960s. By the early 1990s, the “Hate America, Hate Whitey, God Is Dead” movement had largely completed their takeover of most aspects of our culture. Young Americans now grow up in a country where values and attitudes are largely determined by music, entertainers, video games, news media and especially our public schools and colleges.

Here’s what caused these changes: 

Public Education is by far the most important change. US history textbooks in most colleges and many high schools are propaganda. Two evil people, Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, are largely responsible for destroying accurate U.S. history from being taught to students. These biased textbooks claim America has a terrible history and encourage kids to disrespect America, our ancestors, the Founding Fathers and white people. Students are now told we should not feel proud to be Americans. We are the threat to the world. Racism is everywhere. America is really evil.

White kids are put on a guilt trip over slavery and the Indians. However, America INHERITED slavery and it was common around the world at that time. Indians, Muslims and many other cultures owned and sold slaves. There was never an abolitionist movement until white people from the United States and Britain started one. We should keep in mind that blacks in Africa sold well over 10 million of their fellow blacks into slavery around the world - something no other culture in history came remotely close to doing.

Concerning Indians, the pioneers didn’t do anything to the Indians that the Indians didn’t do to each other. Why is it when one Indian tribe exterminates another and moves onto their land, it’s okay, but not okay when the white man did it? The Spanish killed many times more Indians in Central and South America then were killed in the U.S. and took whatever land they wanted.
These politicized textbooks want white kids to feel everlasting guilt - while encouraging other students to feel superior. These modern textbooks gloss over crimes committed by other countries but every shortcoming this country has ever had - real or make-believe - is written about extensively. Many of the great things America has accomplished is ignored or trivialized. There has been a loss of patriotism and pride in being American. 
(See Textbook evaluations)

Family or church/traditional values have essentially been removed from society - especially under Obama. This transition into a secular morality was so gradual hardly anyone realized what had happened.

"The classroom must and will become the arena of conflict between the old and the new - the rotting corpse of Christianity . . . and the new faith of Humanism." The January-February 1983 issue of The Humanist in an article entitied: "A Religion for a New Age."

Taking Judeo-Christian morality out of our public schools has resulted in a Pagan atmosphere in schools. Since secular based education became widespread, problems never imagined before have befallen us. Crime, police and guards are now normal in our public schools. This current generation of Americans is the first generation of students to be taught in an atmosphere of political correctness, zero tolerance and amorality. Public schools brainwash kids to accept liberalism. We are forbidden to even attempt to teach Christian morality anymore. Instead we are told homosexuality is now normal and morality is what feels right to you. Atheistic evolution is taught as absolute “fact” when it is a fraud. Creation is ridiculed and can not be taught. The end result is our young people embrace the concept that we are nothing more than conniving animals. Abortion is fine. Just kill it. It’s a woman’s choice. As Dostoevsky said, ‘If God is dead, then all things are permissible.’” If there’s no God, nothing is morally wrong. When you devalue God, you devalue human life.

Some people would respond that WITH God, all things are possible. But there is a huge difference. Everyone claiming to be a Christian who engages in some moral transgression can be rebuked by scripture in the Bible. For instance, many Christian who accepted slavery as normal became abolitionists after convicted of sin by other Christians. There is no appeal to morality for a non-believer or atheists.

Boston College professor William Kilpatrick has written a book on the subject of morality in public schools. In Why Johnny Can’t Tell Right from Wrong (1992) he writes:  “Youngsters are forced to question values and virtues they’ve never acquired in the first place or upon which they have only a tenuous hold.” Kids today contend with issues no previous generation has had to contend with. If life could be meaningful without the God of the Bible, we wouldn’t have so many young people committing suicide, on drugs for emotional/mental problems, increasingly medicated by the schools to be passive, or committing mass murder. Too many young people have a purposeless life and have no idea what it means to be an American.

Children in most schools around the country are subjected to the “Earth is doomed” rant. Due to global warming, the earth will burn up or freeze up. How are children supposed to feel when told human life on planet Earth will end or become increasingly difficult to live? What kid would want to grow up with that future facing him/her? 

The News Media was taken over by hate America liberals who went out of their way to lie and bad mouth America at every opportunity and mock traditional values. Whites are always accused of racism - but minority racists are ignored. Older Americans know America is great, but many young Americans believe the lies fed to them without question.

Many TV shows (decency standards are long gone) are intended to indoctrinate, and reinforce the “new” morality. ‘Shoot em ups’ in the past were clearly defined between the good guys and the bad guys. Violence today is often just mindless murders with no real moral code involved, or against a back drop of hopeless social issues. The recent Batman™ movie is an example of such mindless mayhem.  The Batman™ of old represented a clear moral ethic; today’s Batman™ is devoid of any such ethics.

A lot of music and video games promote negative ideas about yourself, others and society in general.

American society used to be known for its optimism but today’s young generation is surrounded by doom and gloom and the political left seems to enjoy putting them into a fear based life - the better to manipulate them into activism on behalf of the political left. Actually, the truth is there were many times in the past where things were much scarier then today:

• The Cuban missile crisis (1963),

• The 1930s - war mongers running Germany and Japan, the depression, the dust bowl.

• The Cold War - where people feared being incinerated due to a nuclear war between the U.S. and the old Soviet Union, 

• World War 2 - where 300,000 died 

• Vietnam - where 50,000 died.

Prior to 1990, American society was upbeat and positive. Of course we had issues, but we will always have issues. America was viewed as a good country and the defender of the free world - which we were and still are!


When you put all this together, this is enough to push certain kids over the edge. We have a child/young adult with deep emotional issues, frequently in a dysfunctional home life with parents (often single parents) that may not have good child rearing skills. The child/young adult is often on medication to control behavior. This person has been brainwashed into hating the white race, hating America and believes we are just vicious animals. With no ethical or moral barriers, why not kill evil white kids? After all, we are all just “animals” and that’s what animals do. AND SINCE HUMAN LIFE ON THE PLANET IS DOOMED ANYWAY, WHO CARES??  Is it a coincidence that these shootings started after 1990, when our children became indoctrinated by the political left throughout society? 

So how do we protect our children so they grow up to be the joy of our lives?

1. Trash most US history textbooks in our public schools and college. Go to for accurate US history so your kids don’t continue to be brainwashed in our public school.

2. Never let a wall come between you and your children. Do not let the public schools take “possession” of your children.

3  Don’t let your kids get consumed with video games in their free time. ALL children should do something fulfilling - music, art, sports, etc.

4. Pray good stuff into them and pray for a positive spiritual environment for our country in general. The Christian Church in America will live or die based on its prayer power. America will live or destroy itself based on the prayer power of the Christian Church. 

5. Explain they are a child of God and valuable. Atheism is indefensible. Tell them evolution is a big fat lie. Parents must become more involved in education. Christianity is the true religion. All others are false religions. Go to - Spirituality section