The legislative process is totally corrupt.
Why our government doesn't work anymore

The Problem

The legislative process is totally corrupt for 2 reasons.

1) Lobbying has increasingly become the name of the game in Washington. Congressional leadership has allowed well-connected lobbyists to draft proposed legislation in secret in return for large campaign contributions.  The provisions of these bills often are not disclosed to members of Congress until the day to be voted on.  Members of Congress are told what’s in the bills and then they vote.

2) Laws are being imposed on Americans and business by bureaucrats. Literally hundreds of regulations are imposed on American society and business each year by unelected people engaged in a political agenda.

This corrupt system is why we have earmarks for special interests, tax loopholes for special interests, runaway spending, uncontrolled deficits and why Americans have lost control of their own country.

A case in point. The Obama Health Care legislation was drafted in secret.  No one knew exactly what was in Obamacare until AFTER it was voted into law by the democrats. MONTHS after the legislation was signed into law by Obama, people were “discovering” more things buried in the bill. This legislation created a cartel for the insurance companies who will no longer have competition and can set medical insurance rates at whatever rate they want for their captive customer base, and is why it will cost us 2 Trillion dollars.

The Solution

The solution to this problem of a secretive and unaccountable Congress is really simple. A law must be passed that changes Congressional rules so that all proposed legislation is publicly posted in final form, with full explanatory text (to explain legal language), at least 30 days before a scheduled vote.

All regulatory changes proposed by bureaucrats must be voted on by Congress. 

This would put the American voters on a level playing field with the lobbyists and give sufficient time to know what is in a Bill, and allow the American voters to voice their support or opposition. If an elected Representative failed to heed the will of their constituents, just vote him or her out of office the next election. This will restore checks and balances to the political system. This is how the Founding Fathers envisioned Congress to work. This is how American voters can regain control of their country.