JUDICIAL REFORM(Click on link for more information)


Basic Beliefs

The judiciary has taken upon itself nearly dictatorial powers - all by self-declaration - and it is all unconstitutional.  We need a Constitutional Amendment passed to restore the balance between the 3 branches of government and define the legal boundaries judges can operate in.


Specific legislation needed

A Constitutional Amendment must be passed concerning the Judiciary to restore balance between the 3 branches of government:

1) Define the legal boundaries of judges so they are no longer able to twist the Constitution in order to impose their personal political agenda on the people. Specifically, judges will no longer be allowed to impose laws on the people, order taxes to be raised or run any institution (schools, prisons, etc.) as their personal dictatorship. The judicial branch is to decide the constitutionality of federal laws. Period.

2) Judges will not be allowed to interpret the meaning of laws passed by legislatures. If a law is vague, a judge can only send it back to the legislature so they can write the legislation properly.

3) When a federal court makes a ruling that is out of the mainstream or based on a bogus reference to the Constitution, either the President or Congress can prevent this ruling from taking effect. 


A. The President can issue an Executive Order that puts a temporary hold on the ruling pending a vote by the Senate.  If 55 Senators vote to uphold the Presidential hold, then the court ruling is struck down and declared invalid.  Otherwise, the court ruling stands.

B. If 55 Senators sign a declaration calling for a vote on the ruling, it MUST be voted on in the Senate within 30 days. The Senate leadership cannot prevent a vote. If 55 Senators votes against the court ruling, the court ruling is struck down and declared invalid. Otherwise, the court ruling stands. The President can NOT veto this Declaration or prevent it from being voted on in the US Senate.


This Constitutional amendment will save America from a judicial dictatorship. The problem is that Obama and most democrats support a judicial dictatorship. This is why people need to become better informed voters.