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Basic Beliefs

    Most illegals are good people. However, the fact remains that Illegal immigration is legally and morally wrong and is a net loss for the economy. Illegals send billions out of the country - money that won’t be spent in the US economy. Millions of jobs are being done by illegals - not Americans. Illegal immigration must end.

    Granting illegals a pathway to citizenship is wrong because it encourages further illegal immigration. We MUST end this cycle by deporting illegals. They can apply to return legally.

   America is being divided by language. The histories of bilingual and multilingual societies that do not assimilate are histories of turmoil, tension, and tragedy.

   If you immigrate to the US, english is now your native language. If making English your primary language offends your culture, who don’t belong in America. THE MORE WE DO FOR IMMIGRANTS IN THEIR NATIVE LANGUAGE, THE LESS INCENTIVE THEY HAVE TO LEARN ENGLISH AND ASSIMILATE INTO AMERICAN SOCIETY.

       If you want to immigrate into the United States, you must feel proud calling yourself an American.

 New Immigration Law

1. We need to secure our borders. We should build a fence where needed and crack down on employers who use illegals.  The reason illegals come here is for jobs.  If there are not enough Americans to do the work, then Congress can vote to allow greater LEGAL immigration.  Most illegals think they have the right to enter illegally. People who believe they have this right are very misguided.

2. Terminate all government (taxpayer) assistance for illegal aliens.

3. Process for entering legally is part of the problem. It is time consuming and cumbersome. The process for people to go through to come to the US must be reformed and made “user friendly.”

4. Illegal aliens must be systemically deported. You get 3 months to leave and then you get deported.

5. End anchor baby abuses. The US born child of illegal aliens is NOT a US citizen. The US born child of legal aliens is not a US citizen. If his parents become naturalized citizens before the child turns 18, the child becomes a US citizen. Otherwise, the child must choose between the US and the ancestral homeland at 18. No dual citizenship.

English Language Law

1: Any store that does not have people who can communicate in English is fined on a weekly bases.

2: Every immigrant goes through a basic English course so you can learn 100 basic English words. This way, you know enough to get around.  

3: If your child/children don’t know English when they enter school, they will be placed in a crash course of learning English for one year and then enter regular classes which is English only. This should become a national policy, so immigrants with children know it would be wise to learn English BEFORE you come here. While your child/children are in English class, you must pay $50 per month via wage attachment to the school district. Once your children graduate to English only classes, the wage attachment is dropped.

4: All government forms will be in English only. This includes voting ballots on election day. Requireing people to learn English was done in the past and works.  If you need an interpreter, that is your responsibility, not the governments.

5: Pledge allegiance in ENGLISH.  If this offends you, you should go back to your native country.

6: When you call a government phone number, no one needs to press "1" for English. If you don't speak English, YOU must press a number and you will receive a charge for special treatment on your next phone bill. 911 calls are exempt.

7: Some foreign speaking people who refuse to learn English ignore filling out necessary government forms.  Laziness or playing dumb is no longer an excuse. Failing to fill out tax forms, etc, will result in a fine.

People who have no intentions of fulfilling these requirements MUST be deported.  We don’t want you here. You are not good enough to be an American.

 Guarding US health

1. Must undergo a medical exam like immigrants of the past. Be free of AIDS and other communicable disease. If you fail the medical exam, you go back to wherever you came from. Another problem with illegals is they bypass this medical exam. No one knows what kind of diseases they are carrying.

2. By law, illegal aliens must be treated by hospitals whether they pay or not.  In certain areas of the country, this has caused a tremendous financial burden on the health care system, with some  hospitals going out of business.  A deal should be worked out with the country of origin of illegal aliens so their native country reimburses the hospital for the cost of treating the illegal alien.  Any country that refuses to pay, a tax is placed on funds transferred to that country from people in the US until the debt is satisfied.  If this country receives aid from the US government, then the costs of treating people from that country is subtracted from aid sent there. (See: "How Illegals devastate US Medicine" in Immigration - English only section)


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