Executive Orders/Actions Reform

Since Obama has become president, executive orders have become a serious threat to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. Obama has increasingly used Executive Orders to bypass Congress. And Obama has found other clever ways to bypass Congress with something called Executive Action. Executive Action is where Obama gets the head of a government agency to reinterpret the law in accordance with his desires. So the agency director (Immigration, Homeland Security, Labor Dept., Justice Dept., etc.) willingly does Obama’s dirty work of reinterpreting the law. 

A law must be passed that gives Congress the ability to declare an Executive order/Action by the President or one of his department heads null and void. If 55 senators sign a declaration calling for a vote on an Executive Order/Action, it MUST be voted on in the Senate within 30 days. The Senate leadership cannot prevent a vote. If Senate leadership refuses to allow a vote within 30 days, they will be arrested by the FBI and removed from the Senate. If 55 Senators votes against the Executive Order/Action, the order is invalid.

The problem is that Obama and most democrats support Executive Orders/Actions and this law will never be passed. This is why voters need to be better informed about important issues and vote accordingly.