Energy Solutions

We CAN be energy independent within a decade if we can overcome environmental extremist and their democratic friends in Congress. Energy independence would keep hundreds of billions of dollars a year here in the US, boost the economy and bring down energy costs. Most liberals (especially Obama) want high energy prices to curb use. This is not rational thinking. The high cost of energy puts a huge strain on business, truckers and consumers. It is slowing down our economy and is a contributing factor to America’s high unemployment and our massive budget deficit. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE?? Go to Solving the energy crisis for details of all the possibilities.

• Create economic incentives for the development of alternative energy. All companies that invest in this technology should have immediate write-offs of research and development. People that purchase vehicles or appliances that reduce energy should receive a 10% credit for the value of the purchase.  Ethanol, solar and wind technology is not the cure all some people have been led to believe, but will be helpful. 

• Due to fracking, we have huge new possibilities for gas and oil production here in the US. The US also has large oil deposits in Alaska that politicians - mostly the democrats in Congress - have prevented us from getting year after year.
• With the push for hybrid cars, we will need greater electrical generation. Hybrids don’t conserve energy, we are just trading one source of energy usage for another. Increasing hydroelectric output is the most cost effective way to generate more electricity since hydro uses no energy.

• The Strategic Oil reserve should be used to help stabilize oil prices. When the price is low, fill up the Reserve. When prices go beyond a certain point based primarily on futures speculation, open up the Reserve to the open market, thereby increasing supply and reining in speculators. The US government would also be making money by buying low and selling at a higher price.

• Supply and demand should determine the price of oil, but politically motivated speculators - mostly from foreign countries - have driven prices beyond market based pricing, unrelated to any kind of productive commerce.  We must reform the laws and regulations governing the oil futures market.