Changes American Action would make 

Economic Reform

• Prosperity comes from an expanding private sector and better paying jobs, not from government spending. The US needs to drastically change the business climate in the US so businesses stay in the US and others come back to the US. This will dramatically increase revenue. The private sector is the source of our prosperity. 

• We need to change tax law to encourage better pay for workers.

• We need to reduce the cost of living: heating oil, electic and other utilities, auto insurance, energy and housing.

• America is going broke trying to finance all the social programs for the ever increasing dependency class. We need to differentiate between social spending that rewards work (Social Security - which workers pay into) and social spending that encourages laziness and irresponsible behavior. In 1965, Lyndon Johnson promised to eliminate poverty in America. Forty years and over $10 TRILLION later, the problems are worse than ever. This money has been wasted and should have gone to create jobs instead of corrupting a significant part of our society. The dependency class must be forced to take care of themselves - tough love!

• Begin to reverse our balance of trade deficit so we stop sending hundreds of billions of dollars out of the country each year for energy and consumer goods.

• There are millions of illegals working in America - work that Americans should be doing - and did do before Lyndon Johnson corrupted the country with some of his “Great Society” programs. Illegals must be deported. (Go to No Amnesty for illegals)

• End unfair trading practices (mostly with China).

• Stop bad loan practices (forced onto lenders by Clinton) in the financial industry which was the primary reason for the economic meltdown of 2008.

• Corruption in government programs is rampant. Billions every year disappears. There IS a solution.

We can improve Americans standard of living by increasing disposable income and reducing the cost of living. For detailed information, go to: Specific legislation needed to restore our economy