Defense (click on link for more information)

Basic Beliefs

Our national security and world peace depends on the United States being the world’s strongest military.
Specific legislation needed

1. The F-22 fighter has been cancelled by Congress at the request of the Obama administration. The F-22 is a superior fighter that should be produced instead of wasting hundreds of billions on make work projects that are not helping the economy long term. The F-22 is needed to replace the 30 year old F-15 and because it will maintain thousands of high tech jobs.

2. Everyone who joins the military must go through a course in American history as it relates to the military. Specifically, people will be taught accurate history that shows the US is the defender of world peace and a liberator, not a threat to world peace as the political left claims. Anyone who argues that the US is the bad guys should be monitored or discharged.
Unconventional warfare.
•    US computer networks are under constant cyber attacks. Many of these attacks come from Communist China, N. Korea and Russia, in addition to criminal hackers. The US should respond to any cyber attack from a foreign country by launching its own cyber attack with the intentions of disabling or destroying the attackers system.

•     Counterfeiting is a big problem. Some countries do it more than others. India is a world leader in counterfeiting American products. Iran is the world leader in counterfeiting US currency. Mexico counterfeits nearly all US documents in order to help illegals get jobs, drivers licenses, social security cards and vote in the US. The US government must be more forceful in putting an end to this. We should consider counterfeiting US currency to be an act of economic war against us.  The US should counterfeit Iran’s currency and destabilize THEIR currency. We need to retaliate - in a smart manner - against countries that engage in economic war against the US.

•     It is proven that illegal Mexicans have deliberately set forest fires in the southwest US. Illegals are suspected in many more. The US needs to retaliate by setting twice as many forest fires in Mexico. This will put Mexico on notice that we will not tolerate this aggression.