Civil Rights - Racism: (Click on link for more information)

Basic Beliefs

The civil rights movement in America used to be a high moral calling, which supported equality of opportunity and brotherhood between all races.  Since the tragic death of Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement has become morally bankrupt, promoting victimhood and rage among blacks and demanding special privileges while fostering an attitude of vengeance and hatred against whites. 

Black leadership in the civil rights movement and political arena has essentially divided blacks into 2 categories. The first category are just average people who work hard, try to do what’s right and try to get along with people of all races. The second category of blacks want to live in eternal victimhood and rage.

Civil rights legislation in recent years has done more harm than good and has no bearing on the true meaning of “civil rights.” Quotas - know as “affirmative action” are dividing America by race and ethnic makeup. If there was ever a reason to institute quotas, those reasons are no longer valid. The liberal mentality has created ever increasing classes of “victims,” with a resultant loss of personal responsibility.

Specific legislation needed

1. All affirmative action programs are abolished. ALL laws dividing Americans into racial or ethnic groups must be abolished. All programs that are based on race, gender, ethnic makeup or language must be abolished. Equality of opportunity is the only factor in who gets what in America.  

If America insists on destroying itself with racial and ethnic quotas, then in areas where whites are a statistical minority, all grants, set asides, discrimination laws, etc., will be directed to whites.

2. Statute of limitations on civil suits from wrongs from the past.  “Civil rights” groups and Indian groups who file suit for wrongs allegedly committed 100 years ago or 200 years ago is insane. That’s like suing France for something Napoleon Bonaparte did 200 years ago. People of today are being victimized for something they - nor most of their ancestors - never did. Pretty dumb, huh.