Why English?


Why trying to turn America into a bilingual/multilingual
society is an incredibly dumb idea!

“The tie of language is, perhaps, the strongest and the most durable that can unite mankind.” 
by Alexis De Tocqueville, French author of Democracy in America.


With immigrants coming from nearly every nation, speaking hundreds of different languages, there had to be areas of conformity, or else we would not have a unified nation. The Founding Fathers recognized this when they adopted our national motto “E Pluribus Unum” in 1782 - "Out of many, one." One of the areas of conformity was language. Although the English language was never the official language of the US, there were no provisions for other languages. Everything was done in English and everyone was expected to learn English. This system worked brilliantly for 200 years.

However, for over 30 years now, some horribly misguided people seem to think it’s wonderful that we have more and more people who don’t want English to be their primary language and insist on interpreters. This is upside down, totally illogical thinking. Encouraging Americans to speak multiple language is NOT diversity, it is DIVISION, which will lead to disunity and destruction. Positive diversity is when we like different foods, entertainment, sports, etc.

Historically speaking, everyone knows before they come here that the United States speaks English. It’s not a sudden revelation. If the Government of America had spent the past 230+ years catering to immigrants in their native language, like we have done for the past 30, we wouldn’t be a functioning nation today. If things continue the way they are now, America will become a divided bi-lingual nation and ultimately a multi-lingual non-nation. We are systematically destroying our national unity and condemning our American way of life and heritage.

Language Racists

Immigrants of today who don’t want to learn English and believe they should be catered to in their native language are language racists. Apparently they think they are better then all the previous immigrants who came to America and learned English as best they could and insisted their children be fluent. 

It’s not our government’s responsibility to make special accommodations for those that won’t learn English. If you can’t learn English, it is YOUR responsibility to find an interpreter. If making English your primary language offends you and makes you feel culturally deprived, you really don’t belong in America. LEAVE and go back where you came from. There are plenty of other people who want to come to America.

The more we do for immigrants in their native language, the less incentive they have to learn English and assimilate into American Society. When you come to America, English is now your native language. With all the educational opportunities we have in America, there is NO EXCUSE for anyone not understanding Basic English words. 

               What about the private Sector?

In the private sector, it’s really the choice of the business to offer products and services in different languages. Throughout our history, you could find newspapers and later radio stations broadcasting in a variety of foreign languages in areas where various ethnic groups were concentrated. These businesses have served first generation immigrants who have historically had trouble learning English.

Even with these businesses serving first generation immigrants, there was one fundamental difference: People didn't demand the government cater to them in their ancestral language and they wanted their children to be fluent in English. 

Should English be the Official Language of the United States?

According to the 2000 census, there are over 322 different languages spoken in the United States today.  Should we have 322 different traffic signs?  Should we have 322 different election ballots?  Should we have 322 different final exams in our public schools? 

When you have an emergency, and call 911, how many different languages should we support and offer?   Do we force all 911 operators to learn multiple languages and dialects just to keep their jobs?   And if so, which ones?  Should New York City offer all its services (including 911) in the 170 languages spoken there?   Some might argue, just Spanish, as it’s the second most spoken after English.   Would this be fair to people who don’t speak Spanish or English? This is all just totally unworkable and divisive. 

Most Americans today can’t speak the ancestral language of their immigrant ancestors. This is not cultural deprivation in any way. If you know English that is all you need to know in America.

For an individual to know languages other then English is commendable. However, using multiple languages in society is not only divisive, but it is simply unworkable - a fact our Founding Fathers understood 230 years ago. The Constitution of the United States was written and ratified in English, not in a multitude of languages. All official documents and laws were written in English. It’s only been in recent times that we’ve had this sudden proliferation of creating official government documents in multiple languages.

One argument given on why we should not have an official language is that if English was never the official language for the past two hundred years, why should it change now? The answer is that it has only been in recent times that there has been a push to make America bi-lingual and multi-lingual. 

Declaring English the official language is essential in stoping this misguided attempt to separate Americans by language and it defines a much-needed common sense language policy. 

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