Sanctuary cities

A good way to reduce crime is to outlaw sanctuary cities.

Democrats supports Sanctuary cities which is legally and morally wrong because:

1) Sanctuary cities attract more illegal aliens - unlike cities that are NOT sanctuary cities.

2) Sanctuary cities have more crime since illegals congregate in sanctuary cities.  Gangs are more common in sanctuary cities. Crime by illegals is seldom a problem in NON sanctuary cities.

3) Illegals can receive public benefits, putting a strain on city finances. Illegals may also get charity from civic/church organizations which means there is less help available for needy Americans.

4) Illegals send a lot of their money back to their native country, instead of keeping it in the US - and they shouldn’t be here anyway. In 2017, $30 billion went to Mexico and billions more to other Latin American countries from the U.S. This money comes from illegals, legal residents and naturalized citizens. While it is not known what the breakdown is between these catagories, with 15 million or more illegals in the U.S., a LOT of that money is coming from illegals. LET’S TAX THAT MONEY!!!!

 End this insanity from the democrats!!! Vote Republican.