Illegal immigration is morally and legally wrong

No Amnesty for illegals

Some politicians (mostly Democrats) claim that wanting to deport illegal immigrants is really an attack on Hispanics. NOT TRUE. All this rhetoric is a deliberate lie intended to arouse ethnic hatred and social unrest. This is an issue of right and wrong - not an attack on people of a certain ethnic descent.  

No nation in the world (including Mexico) allows foreign citizens to illegally enter their country, take up residence, get a job and be treated as if you are a citizen. Yet many Illegal aliens think they have this right. The reason they have this arrogant attitude is because of narrow minded liberals who thinks it’s “mean-spirited” to hold illegals accountable for being here illegally. These liberals have a flawed concept of right and wrong and are doing great harm to American unity and to the rule of law.

Most illegals seem to be nice people who work hard. However, being a nice guy doesn’t change the fact that you are here illegally. If you rear end another car, the police officer will not let you go because you’re a nice guy. Also, a lot of illegals are “nice" only because they are on a public relations campaign to get Americans to be sympathetic to their cause - amnesty. However, if you tell an illegal they should be deported and get in line behind everybody else who is waiting, you will quickly find out that a lot of illegals are really not nice people. 

It has been pointed out that there was illegal immigration earlier in our country’s history in a bogus attempt to justify today’s illegals. This is not a valid comparison because: 1. In the past, the US was under-populated so it didn’t matter. Today we are over-populated. 2. Those immigrants loved their adopted country - the USA! 

America has limited legal immigration for over a century to what our economy could absorb. Illegal immigration upsets this balance. Illegals are not vetted for a criminal past and disease. Immigrants who come here legally deserve our respect and support. Illegals don’t. While we can make an exception for ‘DREAMERS’ -  children who were brought to the US illegally by their parents and now they are adults, - there is no legitimate, moral reason to support a blanket amnesty. Also, anyone who honorably served in the U.S. military should be invited to become a citizen.

18 Great Reasons why Giving Amnesty to Illegals is a Terrible idea

1. The primary issue is ATTITUDE. If illegals loved America - like previous immigrants did - Americans would be more sympathetic to their plight. Many illegals, mainly from Mexico, have a hostile, even traitorous attitude towards Americans. They wave the Mexican flag, attack Americans, disrespect our flag - and then do everything possible to keep from being deported! If Mexicans want to be in America so badly, why don’t they show appreciation and express their love and admiration for America? Instead, they show hatred for the country they freely chose to come to. A perfect example occurred in 1998 when the US played Mexico in a championship soccer game in Los Angeles. Fans were overwhelmingly pro-Mexican. They booed the US team, booed during the playing of the US national anthem and US players were spat at and trash was thrown at them. There have been similar incidents since. Since the 1990’s, there have been demonstrations in American cities where thousands of Mexicans and supporters demonstrated under Mexican flags demanding special privileges for illegals.  Many insist that they be spoken to in Spanish, not English. This treasonous, hate America attitude will not change with citizenship.

2. Giving amnesty to illegals makes a mockery of all those who want to enter legally or have entered legally. Why should these people play by the rules when the lawbreakers get a free pass? Immigration into the US is NOT a right, it is a privilege. You can enter the US if we say you can. If you believe we shouldn’t deport illegals, we have a question for you: Would you mind if your job was taken by an illegal alien??

3. Amnesty for current illegals would simply produce a whole new wave of illegals. When you reward illegal behavior, you get more illegal behavior. How many times are we supposed to grant amnesty? In 1986, the US granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegals which encouraged a new flood of 10-15 million illegals. Enforcing immigration laws is the only way to go and the ONLY logical thing to do.

4. Political asylum is being used to bypass immigration law. All of a sudden we have all these people wanting political asylum from Central America. The governments of Central America have been corrupt for decades. Since President Trump has cracked down on illegal immigration, this has become the new way to gain entrance into the US. NO ONE from Central or South America should be granted political asylum. We should accept asylum cases from Ukraine and South Africa.

5. In a 2018 worldwide survey, Gallup found that 158 million people want to move to the U.S.(a) Should we allow everyone in so we are not called “mean-spirited”? If they all claim political asylum status, should we let them all in? We can’t save the world! Overcrowding is becoming a huge problem in large metro areas. Amnesty will result in 10 to 12 million illegals becoming legal - here to stay. Based upon the 1986 amnesty, on average five legal immigrants were added to the population for each person who received amnesty.(b) So the 11 million could add another 55 million legal immigrants in the next two decades. Would you prefer to live jam packed in a huge metro area crammed with millions of people - like India or China - or live in a place with some breathing room? How much more farmland and forests would you like to see turned into housing developments, apartment complexes and Malls? We are FULL. 


6. Adding millions to our population will push housing prices even higher and cause oil, gas, electricity, drinking water, etc., supplies to become tighter and even more expensive then they are now.

7. The latest scam by the political left is picking Bible verses out of context to justify illegal immigration. Jesus said nothing about borders or illegal immigration. Jesus DID give us brains, a conscience and common sense. Americans have the right to forbid people from entering our residence and borders allow our society to forbid people from entering our country who will not benefit society. To screen immigrants requires a border. 

8. Illegals use “anchor babies” as their “get out of jail free” card. Illegals have a baby in the US or else rush across the border when the baby is ready to be born, and presto, you have an American Citizen to hide behind. Illegals with children under seven should be deported along with their “anchors.” We need to pass legislation that a baby born to illegals in the US is a citizen of whatever country the parents are from.

9. Amnesty will result in a tremendous financial burden to taxpayers. An exhaustive study by the Heritage Foundation has found that after amnesty, current unlawful immigrants would receive $9.4 trillion in government benefits and services and pay more than $3 trillion in taxes over their lifetimes.(b) That leaves a net fiscal deficit (benefits minus taxes) of $6.3 trillion. That deficit would have to be financed by increasing the government debt or raising taxes on U.S. citizens. Immigrants of the past did NOT impose financial burdens on the country. Today they do because democrats are anxious to buy their votes by making illegals eligible for a wide range of taxpayer funded social/welfare programs. When they become citizens, they will, of course, vote for “Santa Claus” - the democrats. Already, illegal immigrants impose costs on police, prisons, hospitals and schools.


Some experts dispute this reports findings, but other reports claim illegal immigration costs us plenty. Additional reading:

10. Some believe that we can’t kick illegals out because they do the work Americans won’t do. This might be true is we had one or two million illegals, but absolutely not true with 10 to 15 million illegals in the country. These illegals have taken jobs in every industry in the country and displaced Americans.(a) The US has the H-2A program for foreign guest workers which should be used. A 2013 study showed that immigrants - both legal and illegal - have accounted for all of the job gains in the U.S. labor market since 2000.(b) Many displaced American workers have gone from middle class to borderline poverty. 


11. Some people support amnesty because the US supposedly can’t keep them out. They point to illegals who have been deported multiple times and remark “show me a 20 foot wall and I’ll show you a 24 foot ladder” and so on. The truth is we CAN control the border with updated border walls and expanding the length of the wall. Walls work for Israel. In the 1990s, San Diego was being over run by illegals but the Clinton Administration built a wall from the ocean inland for 22 miles. It worked and is still working!! Illegal crossings dropped 95%!! The  fact is Obama refused to enforce immigration laws.

12. Liberals want to pass amnesty contingent on the border becoming “secure”. On May 10, 2011, Obama, in El Paso, Texas, told Americans the border is secure. Obama quickly followed these remarks by declaring that it is now time for Congress to pass immigration reform. This was all a lie. The number of illegals in the US exploded under Obama.Source:

13. Some Americans of hispanic descent, particularly Mexican descent oppose deportation of illegals because they feel they must stand in solidarity with their fellow Mexicans. This is false loyality. Millions of Americans of German descent that took up arms against their ancestral homeland in World Wars One and Two. They did this because they were Americans of German descent, NOT Germans living in America. Americans of Mexican descent need to do what’s right and get rid of these false loyalties.

14. Most Mexicans harbor a grudge against the US, believing the southwest US is stolen Mexican land. Not True. The south west US is historically INDIAN land. The Spanish stole it from the Indians. Mexico then lost his land when they attacked the US to start the Mexican American War in 1846.(a)


15. Obama wrecked effective immigration controls. Obama claimed we didn’t have the resources to deal with all the illegals in the U.S., so he had to use prosecutorial discretion. This was a lie by Obama. Obama invented this lame excuse in April 2009 and kept expanding it to grant more and more illegals protection from deportation.(a) 


16. Obama and the democrats invented word games over this issue. The unpopular term "amnesty" was changed to a much more appealing term, "earned legalization." However, what “earned legalization” means is you have gotten away with violating our immigration laws for a period of time, while not having committed any serious crimes. 

17. Many Mexicans who are part Indian - Mestizo - believe they have the right to ignore our border with Mexico. Mexicans now claim they are not immigrants to the New World, rather ‘natives’ who have been here thousands of years. They declare that “we didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.” The truth is that being part Indian doesn’t make you superior or above the law. It means you're part Indian. Millions of Americans are part Indian. Can Americans with Indian blood ignore the border with Mexico and do as we please? Being Mestizo allows Mexicans to absolve their conscience of killing millions of Indians and stealing their land while condemning Americans. 

This scam is being pushed by Mexican American hate groups such as The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), La Raza Unida Party (RUP) established in 1970 by racists José Ángel Gutiérrez and Mario Compean and MALDEF.

18. Some people claim ‘white Americans’ or ‘Anglos’ were illegal aliens 400 years ago and WE should be deported. This is a flawed argument for many reasons: 


a) White Americans would not be the only ones to leave. The Spanish in Mexico and all of Latin America would have to leave. Blacks and Asians would have to leave. 

b) Anthropologist Russell Thornton has the population at 5 million for the continental US, 2 million for Canada and 65 million Indians for Central and South America and the Caribbean Islands.[x] This means the Spanish stole a lot of land from the Indians. Much of the land in what became the US had no one on it, so it wasn‘t “stolen.” 

c) You can’t undo what happened 400 years ago. If what happened 400 years ago needs to be “fixed”, we need to go all around the world and kick lots of people out of lots of countries who didn’t live there 400 years ago. Oh, and who would enforce this forced relocation? 

d) There is no rule on how long someone has to live in a place before they become a ‘native.’ Many whites have been here for over 100 years and many over 200 years. That’s long enough to be a native. 

e) The Indians would have to pay whites for all the upgrades - homes, highways, etc. There is a big cost difference between a teepee and a modern home. Since the Indians couldn’t pay it, we would retain possession. 

f) We would take all of white America’s inventions with us. The Indians would have to live the way they did before the white man arrived - in teepees and only bow and arrows to hunt for food. No horses (they were imported from Europe), no firearms to hunt with, no screens to keep bugs out of your teepee and no air conditioning.

g) What about Americans who are part Indian? Can they stay? 

h) Who did the Indians kick out when they arrived in North America from Central Asia? What’s their punishment? 


Conclusion: America can NOT be replaced by ANYONE in the world. If all non-Indians left America, America would be depopulated, the world economy would collapse and lots of people in Africa would starve to death. The US military would disappear, Russia would rule the world and occupy what used to be the USA and take all the land from the Indians.


If you agree with this article - and hopefuly you do - you should register 
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x. American Indian holocaust and survival: a population history since 1492 (1990) By Russell Thornton   

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La reconquista, a radical movement in the US calling for Mexico to “reconquer” America’s Southwest, had signs reading, ‘Uncle Sam Stole Our Land!” and waved Mexico’s flag.
On May 2010, a Mexican American traitor knocked the American flag off a pickup in Morgan Hill, California. 
Anti-American demonstrators took down the US flag at the post office in Maywood, California, stomped on it and replaced it with a Mexican flag. Police removed the flag but had bottles and rocks thrown at them.