Great Reasons Why Amnesty is a Terrible Idea

1. Most illegals have an ANTI-AMERICAN ATTITUDE. If illegals loved America - like previous immigrants did - Americans would be more sympathetic to their plight. Many Mexicans are not here to become Americans. They have a hostile, traitorous attitude towards Americans and the country they freely chose to come to. They wave the Mexican flag, attack Americans, disrespect our flag - and then do everything possible to keep from being deported! If Mexicans want to be in America so badly, why don’t they show appreciation for America instead of anti-American hate? A perfect example of this hate occurred in 1998 when the US played Mexico in a championship soccer game in Los Angeles. Fans were overwhelmingly pro-Mexican. They booed the US team, booed during the playing of the US national anthem and US players were spat at and trash was thrown at them. There have been similar incidents since. Since the 1990’s, there have been demonstrations in American cities where thousands of Mexicans and supporters demonstrated under Mexican flags demanding special privileges for illegals.  Many insist that they be spoken to in Spanish, not English. This treasonous, hate America attitude will not change with citizenship.


2. Amnesty to illegals makes a mockery of all those who want to enter legally or have entered legally. Why should these people play by the rules when the lawbreakers get a free pass? Immigration into the US is NOT a right, it is a privilege. You can enter the US if we say you can. If you believe we shouldn’t deport illegals, we have a question for you: Would you mind if your job was taken by an illegal alien??

3. Amnesty for current illegals would simply produce a whole new wave of illegals. When you reward illegal behavior, you get more illegal behavior. In 1986, the US granted amnesty to 2.7 million illegals which encouraged a new flood of 10-15 million illegals. How many times are we supposed to grant amnesty? 

4. Based upon the 1986 amnesty, on average five legal immigrants were added to the population for each person who received amnesty.(a) So the 15 million illegals we now have could add another 75 million legal immigrants in the next two decades. Would you prefer to live jam packed in a huge metro area crammed with millions of people - like India or China - or live in a place with some breathing room? How much more farmland and forests would you like to see turned into housing developments, apartment complexes and Malls? We are FULL.  


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Traitors wave Mexican flags in Chicago on March 2006 supporting ‘rights’ for illegal immigrants.(1)

5. Permanently adding millions to our population will push housing prices even higher and cause oil, gas, electricity, drinking water, etc., supplies to become tighter and even more expensive then they are now.

6. Amnesty will result in a tremendous financial burden to taxpayers. An exhaustive study by the Heritage Foundation has found that after amnesty, these immigrants would receive $9.4 trillion in government benefits and services and pay more than $3 trillion in taxes over their lifetimes.(b) That leaves a net fiscal deficit (benefits minus taxes) of $6.3 trillion. Immigrants of the past did NOT impose financial burdens on the country. Today they do because democrats are anxious to buy their votes by making illegals eligible for a wide range of taxpayer funded social/welfare programs. When they become citizens, they will, of course, vote for “Santa Claus” - the democrats. Already, illegal immigrants impose costs on police, prisons, hospitals and schools.


Some experts dispute this reports findings, but other reports claim illegal immigration costs us plenty. 

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7. Some people support amnesty because the US supposedly can’t keep them out. They point to illegals who have been deported multiple times and remark “show me a 20 foot wall and I’ll show you a 24 foot ladder” and so on. The truth is we CAN control the border with updated border walls and expanding the length of the wall. Walls work for Israel. In the 1990s, San Diego was being over run by illegals but the Clinton Administration built a wall from the ocean inland for 22 miles. It worked and is still working!! Illegal crossings dropped 95%!! The fact is Obama gave up control of the border because he supported illegal immigration.

8. Some Americans of hispanic descent, particularly Mexican descent support amnesty of illegals because they feel they must stand in solidarity with their fellow Mexicans. This is false loyality. Millions of Americans of German descent that took up arms against their ancestral homeland in World Wars One and Two. They did this because they were Americans of German descent, NOT Germans living in America. Americans of Mexican descent need to do what’s right and get rid of these false loyalties. Your loyalty should be to America.

9. Obama and the democrats invented word games over this issue to make amnesty more appealing. The unpopular term "amnesty" was changed to a much more appealing term, "earned legalization." 

10. Despite our porous border with Mexico, Liberals claim the border is secure and want to pass amnesty. For instance, on May 10, 2011, Obama, in El Paso, Texas, told Americans the border is secure. Obama quickly followed these remarks by declaring that it is now time for Congress to pass immigration reform - amnesty. This was all a lie. The number of illegals in the US exploded under Obama.



A solid barrier/wall on the entire border with Mexico must be completed as soon as possible.

We can feel sympathy for DREAMERS - children brought to the US illegally by their parents. Yet granting citizenship to DREAMERS will do what the previous amnesty did - promote further illegal immigration and disrespect for US law. This disrespect for US law is pushed by treasonous democrats, racist Mexican American organizations like La Raza - now UnidosUS - and the Mexican government. This is why we can not grant amnesty again!! If you enter our country illegally, you will NOT become a citizen.

What we can do is give DREAMERS work visas.