How to Fix America’s Immigration system

First - Immigration into the U.S. is a privilege, NOT a right. 

Every country has restrictions on immigration and controls their borders to prevent illegal immigration. Any country that will not control their borders is no longer a sovereign nation. Immigrants who come here legally deserve our respect and support. Illegals don’t. All immigrants to America must be vetted for disease and criminal history.


It has been pointed out that there was illegal immigration earlier in our country’s history in an attempt to justify today’s illegals. This is not a valid comparison because: 1) In the past, the US was under-populated so it didn’t matter. Today we are over-populated. 2) Those immigrants loved their adopted country - the USA! 

Some politicians (Democrats) claim that wanting to deport illegal immigrants is an attack on Hispanics. NOT TRUE. All this rhetoric is a deliberate lie intended to arouse ethnic hatred and social unrest. Vetting immigrants and deporting illegals is not new. In 1919, the U.S. deported 249 anarchists to Russia.(1) Since most terrorist attacks around the world are by Muslims, We have a moral obligation to examine Muslim immigrants more closely. Immigrants can enter the U.S. only if we allow it.

Second - How many immigrants/refugees should we let in?

Immigration into America MUST be limited to what our economy can absorb and doesn’t displace American workers. This is really the deciding factor on implementing a rational immigration policy. Some politicians (Democrats) claim that wanting to limit immigration is racist or xenophobic. NOT TRUE. We need to do what is in the best interest of the American people. 

People who support ‘open borders’ or declare that ‘no human is illegal’ are ignoring reality. In a 2018 worldwide survey, Gallup found that 158 million people want to move to the U.S.(a) Should we allow everyone in? If they all claim political asylum status, should we let them all in? We can’t save the world! We will only destroy our economy, our way of life and become a third world nation. Overcrowding is becoming a huge problem in large metro areas. Would you prefer to live jam packed in a huge metro area crammed with millions of people - like India or China - or live in a place with some breathing room? How much more farmland and forests would you like to see turned into housing developments, apartment complexes and Malls? We are FULL.  



Third - Illegal immigration must end!!


Illegal aliens do NOT have the same rights as citizens. Narrow minded liberals who support “rights” for illegal aliens have a flawed concept of right and wrong and are doing great harm to American unity and to the rule of law. Yet, these traitors act like illegals did something great by coming here illegally!

Most illegals seem to be nice people who work hard. However, being a nice guy doesn’t change the fact that you are here illegally. If you rear end another car, the police officer will not let you go because you’re a nice guy. Also, a lot of illegals are “nice" only because they are on a public relations campaign to get Americans to be sympathetic to their cause - a blanket amnesty. If you disagree, you will quickly find out that a lot of illegals are really not nice people. In addition, illegals bypass the medical exam legal immigrants receive. Areas with high concentrations of illegals have seen outbreaks of diseases that were eradicated in America decades ago.(2)

Some illegals have a baby in the U.S. which automatically makes them an American Citizen. Illegals use “anchor babies” as their “get out of jail free” card to hide behind. This practice must end. The entire border with Mexico must be secured, including walls were needed.

Giving a blanket amnesty to illegals makes a mockery of all those who want to enter legally or have entered legally. Why should these people play by the rules when the law breakers get a free pass? If you believe we shouldn’t deport illegals, we have a question for you: Would you mind if your job was taken by an illegal alien??

Traitors wave Mexican flags in Chicago on March 2006 supporting ‘rights’ for illegal immigrants.(5)

Fourth - What kind of immigrants/refugees should America accept?

Many immigrants of the past were more patriotic then native born Americans because they had firsthand knowledge of the tremendous freedom and opportunity they had in America. These proud immigrants wanted to leave their native country behind and embraced America. Their loyalty was to their new adopted country of America and they didn’t demand special favors. They wanted to wave the American flag and insisted that their children learn English so they could be “real” Americans. These immigrants were a tremendous asset to America. For instance, there are millions of Americans of German descent and they took up arms against their ancestral homeland in World Wars One and Two - with thousands dying or injured. They did this because they were proud Americans of German descent, NOT Germans living in America. This is the type of immigrant we should accept. 

In President Calvin Coolidge State of the Union Address on Dec 6, 1923, he stated: “American institutions rest solely on good citizenship. They were created by people who had a background of self-government. New arrivals should be limited to our capacity to absorb them into the ranks of good citizenship. America must be kept American. . . Those who do not want to be partakers of the American spirit ought not to settle in America.”(3)

Sadly, we now have a class of Immigrants who are American in name only. They are unamerican in their hearts and anti-American in their conduct. They have an agenda that can only be described as treasonous. NEVER before in American history has a group of people flooded into America (both legal and illegal) who despise our country, our people and our heritage. These hate-America immigrants mostly come from Mexico and Muslim countries and are really engaged in an unarmed invasion of America. 

Muslims are infamous for refusing to assimilate. Every time Muslims become a majority in a country, they impose Sharia Law, establish a Theocratic dictatorship and non-Muslims no longer have any rights. 

To sum up, this traitor class of immigrants have NOTHING in common with traditional immigrants. People who don’t share our values should not be allowed into our country.


Demonstrators against Donald Trump wave the Mexican flag on May 28, 2016 in San Diego.
Illegals are "nice" as long as you favor amnesty.



 Fifth - Required Legislation

We need to pass legislation that a baby born to illegals in the US is a citizen of whatever country the parents are from.

No dual citizenship. It’s great to be proud of your heritage, but you can have loyalty to only one country. Legal immigrants need to pick one. 

A solid barrier/wall on the entire border with Mexico must be completed as soon as possible.

Immigrants of the past were required to renounce loyalty to the country they came from and profess loyalty to the US. (See Naturalization papers from 1889 below) This needs to be done with todays legal immigrants.

Make E-Verify mandatory for all employers and all current workers.

Immigrants must be self supporting or sponsored by a private organiztion. 


We can feel sympathy for DREAMERS - children brought to the US illegally by their parents. Yet granting citizenship to DREAMERS will do what the previous amnesty did - promote further illegal immigration and disrespect for US law. This disrespect for US law is pushed by treasonous democrats, racist Mexican American organizations like La Raza - now UnidosUS - and the Mexican government. Foreigners MUST realize that we will not tolerate illegal entry into the US. This is why we can not grant amnesty again!!

What we can do is give DREAMERS work visas.

Jan 2019
Demonstrators against Trump carrying the Mexican flag on May 2016 in San Fernando Valley, California.(4)
Olympic medal winner Leo Manzano waved the flag of the U.S. and Mexico because he has dual citizenship.(6)