What went wrong in America

Liberalism’s legacy of destruction against America

It is an unfortunate fact that fundamental changes occur in a country that are so gradual we don’t recognize the significance until years, even decades later.

Historically, all great nations fall for essentially the same reasons. - government overspending, massive debt, loss of civility and morals, social strife and an ever growing dependency class.

The 1960s was a decade of tremendous social, political and economic change in America. For most politicians, the motives for these changes were honest and in good faith. Tragically, it can now be conclusively shown that these changes resulted in many unintended consequences that have devastated our society and put our future at risk, particularly our economic health. The cultural revolution of the '60s also produced a core group of left wing ideologues who detest America. These people - whose views on America are fundamentally flawed - are, even today, still pushing policies that are obvious failures.

Regardless of the motivation, most areas that the political Left (usually democrats) took control of got worse instead of better.

  Policy changes that have devastated America

* America is more divided today than at anytime since the Civil War - divided by race, ethnic makeup, language and gender. This national disunity is the result of the policies of “multiculturalism” and quotas - affirmative action. Government programs aimed at specific groups are divisive and morally wrong. When we all belong to competing groups, what will hold us together? These two social policies - supposedly well intended - has proven in the long run to be incredibly destructive and divisive to our society.

* The Immigration Act of 1965. This bill allowed large numbers of immigrants in who didn’t share much of our historical or cultural values. Then liberals instituted Multiculturalism on its new immigrants - encouraging them to not want to learn English or assimilate. Illegal immigrants disrespect our laws and are flooding our country.

* The Federal Judiciary is an out of control institution. The federal judiciary has assumed nearly dictatorial authority over many aspect of society and law - power they were never intended to have. These judicial dictators make bogus references to the Constitution as they impose their personal political agenda on the people. Voting means less and less because judges violate the will of the people. The  judiciary is responsible for undermining the Rule of Law and outlawing traditional morality. This is NOT what the Constitution says the judiciary is to be doing. Judges have assumed this power by self declaration. (See Judicial dictators)

* Creation of the dept. of Education. We went from education to indoctrination. Due to vile people like Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky and a cadre of loyal stooges at the college and high school level, we have rewritten our history textbooks to portray America as an evil country, with a terrible past and the primary threat to world peace. Depending on where you live, this has been going on  - unnoticed - for years, even decades! We teach “multiculturalism” to immigrants, manipulating them so they don’t want to assimilate into America. We changed the way children learn reading and math - with disasterous consequences. Many public schools teach the gay agenda. (See: public education)

* The growth of the dependency class. Poverty programs, quotas and multiculturalism encourage irresponsible behavior and victimhood. Lyndon Johnson’s ”war on poverty” in the mid 1960s resulted in large tax increases, created an ever increasing bureaucracy, did not end poverty but DID create a huge - and growing - dependency class and greatly harmed the work ethic. LBJ’s “war” on poverty was the most lethal government attack on economic prosperity in our history. Politics, not compassion was really the driving force. The more people you have depending on government, the more voters you bought. Under liberalism, the expansion of government is never ending. Despite the maze of social programs already in place, liberals will always find something else to “fix.” The reality is this: Poverty programs create more “needy” people because they reward failure. The more opportunity government makes for people to become dependent on government, the more people will become dependent on government. We have an increasing number of classes of “victims” who want to blame someone else for their problems and political correctness demands we feel sorry for them. 

* Moral decay has caused untold problems in society and families. Bad neighborhoods, drugs, crime, suicide and a general loss of civility has made many of our lives more difficult. American society is no longer held in high regard by the rest of the world. Judeo-Christian ethics - once the foundation of our society - are being systematically outlawed, and replaced with a Pagan culture. We have reaped the horrible results of passively allowing leftists to remove Christian morality from schools and society in general. 

* The checks and balances originally built into our system of government has become increasingly eroded. State government took away many of the responsibilities of local government, and the Federal government has taken control of many State and local functions. Unelected bureaucrats at the federal level impose hundreds of regulations on business and society. 

* We rejected our winning attitude. America was too strong economically and militarily. We were too successful, too rich. Our economy was too innovative and our educational system worked too well. We were only 6% of the world’s population but used a disproportionate amount of the world’s resources. The political left and their hate America allies around the world sent Americans on a collective guilt trip. Why should we have it so well when much of the rest of the world lives in poverty? It didn’t matter that it wasn’t our fault that they were poor. We needed to lower our standard of living so the rest of the world would like us more - which didn’t happen anyway. Then we lost our will to destroy the enemy when we were forced to go to war. Johnson got us stuck in Vietnam in a war he refused to fight to win, preferring to waste thousands of American lives. Bush made the same mistake in Iraq, though on a much smaller scale. We lost the “nothing will stop us” spirit of our forefathers.

* The optimism and patriotic feelings of previous generations is dying out - replaced by a more pessimistic, almost fatalistic national outlook. Many young people have no idea what it means to be an American and don’t understand that America is slowly dying because the present is all they know.

* The political left took control of public education, media outlets and newspapers which they use to indoctrinate rather then inform. 

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