The Radical Left

Historians since WWII have wondered how the overwhelming majority of Germans would blindly follow a nutcase like Adolf Hitler and commit unspeakable crimes against humanity while engulfing Europe in a world war.  Considering the fact that most Germans were very highly educated makes it even more difficult to understand.  Yet for the past 50 years, leftists around the world and especially in America have proven themselves to be as deluded and mindless as the followers of Adolf Hitler.

The hard core political Left hate America and their goal is get everyone else to do the same - or at least to destroy patriot feelings about America.  They are doing this by deliberately misinterpreting US history and current events in order to make America appear to be an evil, imperialistic power. They then “prove” their revisionist history by trying to find examples in the past that support their conclusions. The information they give us is not intended to inform, but rather to misinform. These people will always figure out a way to blame America first and absolve Leftwing regimes around the world of guilt. The information they give us is solely intended to advance an evil political agenda.

So why does the extreme left hate America and constantly look for reasons to bash our country? The answer is really simple. Liberals are the ultimate hypocrites and have a moral blind spot big enough to sail an aircraft carrier through. The political left is intellectually dishonest to the core. Liberals talk about supporting peace and justice, yet they ignore the worst offenders. The political left talks about being “for the people,” yet Communist/Marxist/socialist governments have killed, tortured and imprisoned more people than any capitalist country ever.

The truth is the radical left are the ultimate control freaks - demanding managed outcomes, quotas, political correctness. This can only be achieved through heavy handed government run socialism. This is why they support or make excuses for socialist dictators.  The left believes they are the only ones smart enough to rule and everyone else must be controlled for their own good. This is the same mentality all the kings and Queens and Communist dictators used to justify enslaving the people.  Liberals believe that if they are rich, they deserve it, but any conservative who is rich got so unethically.

Rampant hypocrisy

Leftists have a long history of claiming moral superiority over everyone else while supporting some of the most evil people ever born and their political systems.  Does this sound like an over simplification? Consider the following:

From the mid 1960s when the democratic party was taken over by Liberal America haters, most democrats denounced every US attempt to contain Communism.  All the while, the mass murders routinely committed in every communist country were ignored or glossed over.

The war in Vietnam, an idealistic attempt to contain the Communist advance in South east Asia was ridiculed and sabotaged by the Leftists and bungled so badly by Lyndon Johnson that by the time Richard Nixon came into office, victory could no longer be achieved given the political situation in America and around the world.

During the Presidency of Ronald Reagan, Liberals found fault with every attempt to stop Communism in the world, be it fighting Communists in El Salvador and Nicaragua, arming the anti-Communists in Afghanistan, or building up our defenses in Europe.  

The left supported Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua even though he put political prisoners in jail,  blew up churches, arrested priests and closed down radio and TV stations.

The “peace movement” never demonstrated against Ho Chi Minh (North Vietnam’s Communist dictator) during the Vietnam War.   In fact, some well known American leftist went to North Vietnam during the war and gave support to a Communist dictatorship while denouncing America.

The “peace movement” never demonstrated against Red China’s Communist dictator Mao-Tse-Tung and their massive human rights abuses. Red China committed genocide against the peaceful people of Tibet in the 1950s, and was found guilty of genocide by the United Nations. Mao’s thugs were responsible for killing a MILLION Chinese during the cultural revolution of the 1960s. In fact, the “peaceniks” admired mass murderer Mao-Tse-Tung so much that many had a copy of Chairman Mao’s book of sayings.

The “peace movement” never demonstrated against the Soviet Union, whose rulers exterminated over 20 MILLION Soviet citizens since 1917 and enslaved the people of Eastern Europe during the cold war. Several uprising in Hungary and Poland where brutally put down by Soviet tanks and troops, with many killed. The left ignores the fact the Soviet Union and Hitler TOGETHER started WW 2 in Europe in 1939 with the invasion of Poland.

The American left has had a love affair with Cuba’s dictator Fidel Castro since the early 1960s. Che Guevara, Castro’s murderous thug killed in Bolivia, is still idolized by many on the left.  

All communist dictators are mass murderers to varying degrees, yet Leftists never criticized these monsters.

The “peace movement” never demonstrated against Saddam Hussein, who spent the past 20 years committing mass murder against the people of Iraq.  Yet, leftists around the world traveled to Iraq, kissed up with Saddam and pronounced America evil and we should leave Iraq alone.

Leftists the world over have shown hatred towards America and especially the US military. Throughout the 20th century, it was the US military (NOT the United Nations) which was responsible for restoring and maintaining world peace and for holding the line against Communism until it collapsed in 1990. The truth is that the US has been the defender against evil in the world since we became a world power in WWI.