While today’s liberals talk about creating a multicultural society, the truth is that America was the world ’s first multicultural society that worked. The United States is the most ethnically diverse nation in history and traditional multiculturalism was a tremendous asset to America, fostering unity and loyalty to America. With immigrants from all over the world coming to America, we needed to stay united. Immigrants assimilated into America because they wanted to be proud Americans and leave their native country behind. The glue that held America together for 200 years was the English language, the rule of law, the Judeo-Christian ethic and individual freedom. While we were proud of our heritage, we were now Americans, and proud of it. This immigration produced a stronger and healthier society.

Traditional multiculturalism fostered unity and loyalty to America. During World War 2, over 12 MILLION men and women in a country of 150 million served in the military. Virtually every able bodied man between 18 and 36 served his country, with 400,000 losing their lives. Today, our nation has over 300 million people. Would 24 million men willingly serve in wartime?

Modern Multiculturalism is the most destructive social policy ever put in place in the history of America and became official under incompetent Jimmy Carter. It has replaced assimilation and American identity with division, separation and a gross misrepresentation of American history. It is a deliberate assault on one of the most critically important aspects of America’s Founding principles. Our national motto “E Pluribus Unum” adopted in 1782 means "Out of many, one.” 

Far from creating tolerance, modern diversity pushed on us by liberals leads to bitter divisions over ethnic makeup, race and language, splitting communities and schools into hostile factions.
No society can survive intact unless its members subscribe to a set of core values, but multiculturalists encourage immigrant and minority groups to see themselves as ‘outsiders,’ estranged from America and victims. Multiculturalism promotes foreign cultures as if they are superior to America ’s ideals. The obvious question than is ‘if foreign cultures are so wonderful, why are you here?’
Americanizing immigrants means teaching them the Foundational principles of our Republic, the Constitution and how our government works. You must profess loyalty to America and learn English. That’s about it and there is nothing wrong with that. 

If the destructive modern concept of multiculturalism had been around since 1800, America today would be dozens of competing groups in a huge non nation - much like Lebanon or the former Yugoslavia - where you have a dozen micro nations within a nation. You would have the Irish who don't like the English, who don't like the French, who don't like the Germans, etc., etc. 
WHAT POSSIBLE GOOD CAN COME FROM MODERN MULTICULTURALISM? IS DISUNITY, HATRED AND STRIFE PREFERABLE TO UNITY AND SOCIAL ORDER? Any intelligent person can see that today's Multiculturalism is an irrational suicidal social policy. It destroys the concept of what an American is.(See What is an American)

The end result of these teachings in hate, separation and superiority are becoming more obvious all the time:
• Increasingly, immigrants hold loyalty to the country, language and culture they came from rather than to America.
• The episode in 1998 when the US played Mexico in a championship soccer game in Los Angeles. Fans were overwhelmingly pro-Mexican. They booed the US team, booed during the playing of the US national anthem and US players were spat at and trash was thrown at them. There have been similar incidents since.
• Demanding illegals be treated as if they are legal.
• Resistance by many immigrants to learn English. Federal, state and local governments are printing up documents in more and more languages and hiring more and more translators, as are businesses. This is wasted money and UNAMERICAN.
• Contempt for American history and all things American.
• Waving foreign flags in America.

Modern Multiculturalism rejects unity or assimilation. It is evil, anti-American and must be confronted and abolished. Many teachers who support this policy have been brainwashed. Those that support multiculturalism need to open their eyes, stop blindly accepting the party line of political correctness and recognize how counterproductive it is and work to abolish it. We need to concentrate on what it means to be American and communicate these high ideals to those that want to come here. Immigrants need to understand that YOU CAME TO OUR COUNTRY.  We didn’t go to yours. WE SET THE RULES!!!

Specific LIES of the Multiculturalists

Supporters of Multiculturalism lie about it’s purpose and it’s effects on society. Americanizing immigrants has NEVER meant destroying their cultural heritage and this has not happened. Over 70 million immigrants willingly come to America since 1790 so they could not have been culturally offended which multiculturalists claim immigrants of today are.

Multiculturalists claim that America is a European dominated culture. This is not true. America was founded primarily by men of English descent. Our form of government was written by men of English descent. America is primarily a modified English culture.

Multiculturalists refer to Afro-Americans, Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans and Native Americans as dominated cultures. These claims are not true and conveniently ignore the fact that many other nationalities came to America since the 1800s. For instance, Germans, French, Italians, Polish, Norwegians, Swedes, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc all came to America freely, learned English and assimilated without any problems and are not considered “dominated” cultures. By the standards set by Multiculturalists, all the afore mentioned nationalities could be considered “dominated” cultures.

Blacks came to America by force in the 1800s.  Liberia was founded in the 1800s for the express purpose to allow blacks to go back to Africa. Few blacks left because they realized the superiority of America over African society.  Today, any black who feels “dominated” in America is free to go back to Africa. In recent years, many Africans have immigrated to America and don’t feel dominated.

Mexican Americans who lived in the southwest became part of the US after the Mexican American War of 1848. The number of Mexicans incorporated into the US was small and any Mexican who didn’t want to become part of the US was allowed to leave for Mexico and some did. Most did not and had no problems assimilating into American society and learned English.

Puerto Ricans are NOT a dominated culture. This is obvious to anyone who has ever been to a Puerto Rican festival. In addition, Puerto Ricans have voted numerous time over the years to decide if they want to be an independent country.  

Native Americans were actually a group of mini nations defeated in wars by the US and placed on reservations. There is no doubt that crimes were committed against the Indians. However, it is important to remember that the white man didn't to anything to the Indians that the Indians didn't do to each other. (See Native Americans) Indians are free to be bilingual - their native language and English. Indians are free to live in a manner suitable to their culture on the reservation.

The political left hates America and this is just one way they use to tear America apart.