Examples of Liberal Stupidity

 a sampling of bizarre thinking

Donnelly Printing fined for discrimination

2002, August 6

   Donnelley Printing plants in Lancaster, PA agreed to a $610,000 settlement with the federal government for discriminatory hiring practices. What were these discriminatory practices? Donnelley had requirements for job applicants that they must have a high school diploma or a GED and the ability to fill out the company’s employment application. The federal government’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) maintained that these hiring practices discriminated against minority applicants. The OFCCP ordered Donnelley to try to locate 1,174 people who were denied jobs in 1998 and 1999 and also ORDERED Donnelley to hire 68 of those affected applicants immediately, the number the OFCCP says had been improperly eliminated from consideration.

   Company spokesman Michael Winn said $372,000 will be split equally among 1,174 people who unsuccessfully applied for jobs at Donnelley. Winn also said 32 percent of entry level workers at the plants are minorities and the company had eliminated the application completion guideline as soon as federal officials voiced opposition. Winn estimated that 4,000 to 5,000 people applied for jobs during the time they were audited by the OFCCP. “In truth, we accidentally filered out people who were not minorities, too.” 

    Whites were not included in the settlement payout.

Source: Lancaster, PA Intelligencer Journel, Aug 6, 2002


Defeat the United States In Iraq

2003, April 1

     "At Wednesday night's 'teach-in' on the Columbia campus, (anthropology professor) Nicholas De Genova also called for the defeat of U.S. forces in Iraq and said, 'The only true heroes are those who find ways that help defeat the U.S. military.' And he asserted that Americans who call themselves 'patriots' are white supremacists. De Genova's comments about defeating the United States in Iraq were cheered by the crowd of 3,000, Newsday reported." -- Associated Press report, March 28, 2003, reported by Dennis Prager in the Jewish World Review


If a black disagrees with a white, whitey must be a racist

2003, May

     Peter King, a moderately liberal Republican from New York was on MSNBC’s “News with Brian Williams,” defending President Bush for landing on the Aircraft Carrier Abraham Lincoln, noting that Clinton appeared before troops with a bomber jacket on.  

    Maxine Waters, a radical black democrat from California then did what all racist blacks do when they disagree with a white - accused Rep. King of racism. King denied the charge and dared Waters to prove it, but Waters continued to accuse King of racism.


How do you get more fair than fair?

2004, May 1

The Baltimore Sun newspaper blared the headline "CITY FIRE DEPARTMENT RECRUITS 1ST ALL-WHITE CLASS IN 50 YEARS,"

An article by The Sun's Reginald Fields quoted several retired black firefighters who accused Chief William J. Goodwin Jr. of "stamping on racial progress and violating the tenets of the Civil Rights Act."   

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires that hiring and public accommodations be done without regard to race. In 1954, institutional racism was widespread. But the test given in 2002, according to Chief Goodwin, “was supposed to be one least adversely impacting minorities."

According to Fields' article, nearly half of the 836 people who took that test failed. Undoubtedly many of them were white, but that is okay.  We don’t care about whites that fail - only blacks.

"We knew we were in some big trouble," Goodwin told news media members gathered at Fire Department headquarters. "We didn't get fully solved. We will make sure it never happens again."  The meaning being we can never let another class of fireman be white only.  The department will now give a new civil service test in the hopes that a lot more whites will fail than blacks.  Maybe candidates for the next test should be required to recite from memory at least 3 rap songs from Snoop Dog.

By Goodwin's own admission, that same test worked for the eight black and six white command staffers standing behind him. The most probing question yesterday was about fairness. It came not from reporters, but from a member of the department.   "How," asked Deputy Chief Antonio R. Thomas, an African-American, "do you get more fair than fair? The process was fair."  With fair not being fair enough, Democrat mayor Martin O'Malley, in his own words "read the riot act" to Baltimore Fire Chief Goodwin.

And while the Associated Press quoted Chief Goodwin as saying the recruiting and hiring process that produced the all-white class "was completely fair and above board," he also stated, "The process will be changed immediately."

So a test that was "completely fair and above board"  will be changed to what???  Unfair???

The Sun reported:  "The Fire Department interviewed several black candidates who had passed the entrance exam, but in nearly every case the person was disqualified for failing either a criminal background check or drug screening, said department spokesman Kevin Cartwright."

There, now we have the answer. We must stop screening blacks for criminal history and drug use. Whites will still be screened.

The Sun reports: "Chief William J. Goodwin Jr. pledged yesterday that the department would 'never again' hire an all-white recruiting class. Never again a class that is 'racially exclusive' or 'unbalanced.'"

Source: Les Kinsolving. Les hosts a daily talk show for WCBM in Baltimore.



If you don’t like Bush, the peace loving left has an idea

2005, April

An “Art Exhibit” by Columbia College at the Glass Curtain Gallery in Chicago contained fine examples of Liberal intelligence.  The drawing of a set of fake stamps showing a gun at President Bush’s head was produced by Michael Hernandez de Luna of Chicago.  The FBI suspects Hernandez was behind a bogus stamp that bore a black skull and crossbones and the word “Anthrax”.  The stamps were sent through the mail during the anthrax attacks in 2001 and shut down an area of Chicago’s main post office. Another painting shows a series of images of an airplane nearing, and crashing into the Sears Tower, and ends with the Chicago skyline without the famous skyscraper. Columbia agreed to the exhibit because of its “high artistic standards”.


More kindness from the radical left

2005, April - from Cafepress.com       
selling a T shirt that reads:   
Dear Tom DeLay, 
Please commit         



Ebonics to the rescue!!!

2005, July 18

What is Ebonics, you ask??  To normal people, Ebonics is slang English spoken by ghetto blacks.  But in the strange world of liberalism, it is enlightenment for “oppressed” black students. Ebonics was recognized as a separate language by the wackos on the Oakland, Calif., school board in 1996.

A second school district in California has now approved placing Ebonics into its curriculum for the upcoming school year.  The San Bernardino Board of Education says a pilot program, known as the Students Accumulating New Knowledge Optimizing Future Accomplishment Initiative, has been implemented at two city schools, according to the San Bernardino Sun.

Mary Texeira, a sociology professor at Cal State San Bernardino, believes the program will be beneficial to students.  "Ebonics is a different language, it's not slang as many believe,' Texeira said. "For many of these students Ebonics is their language, and it should be considered a foreign language. These students should be taught like other students who speak a foreign language.'

Texeira said research has shown that students learn better when they fully comprehend the language they are being taught in.  "There are African Americans who do not agree with me. They say that (black students) are lazy and that they need to learn to talk,' Texeira said.

Len Cooper, coordinator of the pilot program at the two city schools, said Ebonics won't actually be incorporated into the program, because of its "negative stigma."  "We are affirming and recognizing Ebonics through supplemental reading books for students," he explained.

Board member Danny Tillman told the paper he pushed for the policy because he hoped it would increase the number of black students going to college and participating in advanced courses.

But Teresa Parra, board vice president, worries other minority groups, including Hispanics, will want their own programs. "I'm afraid that now that we have this the Hispanic community, our largest population, will say, 'We want something for us.' Next we'll have the Asian community and the Jewish community (asking for their own programs). When will it end?'  "I've always thought that we should provide students support based on their needs and not on their race,' Parra said.

Ratibu Jacocks, a member of a coalition of black activists, said they are working with the district to ensure the policy is properly implemented.  "This isn't a feel-good policy. This is the real thing,' Jacocks said.

Source: From the July 18, 2005 San Bernadino (California) Sun