Babies Needed

Library of Congress photo

A homesteader, wife and 5 children in New Mexico, 1940

The birth rate in the US is below the level of maintaining the population.  The ratio of workers to social security recipients is constantly narrowing.  We need to encourage people to have more children.

The middle class isn’t having babies because they: 1) can’t afford them and 2) don’t have time to raise them. The low income people are making most of the babies because they are being subsidized by the middle class taxpayer. We have a growing population of taxpayer financed babies and a declining population of taxpayer babies. This isn’t fair.

All money for babies for low income is abolished. From now on if you earn under $75,000, you get a check for $1,000 for each birth. This will encourage the middle class to have more babies. Also, the US should double the child exemption on your taxes for the first 3 children.  After that, pay up.