US economic policy should have these objectives:

Economic policy should encourage overall prosperity and end reliance on the government. We oppose greater redistribution of wealth including all tax increases from workers to the dependency class. More income redistribution only encourages more people to become dependent on the taxpayer and solves nothing. The cost of doing business in the US must be reduced, and NOT by cutting worker pay.
    1) Allow people to improve their lives based on their work ethic. People who work should live better than people who don’t.  And people who work should be able to make a decent living.
     2) We need appropriate laws to ensure all businesses play by the same rules to keep the playing field level for all. A business that employs illegals will have much lower labor costs than a business that uses American citizens.  The business using illegals has an unfair advantage.
     3) Equality of opportunity should be the goal of government, rather than quotas or outcomes. A lot of government spending - many billions of dollars - is aimed at achieving outcomes. This is bad economics and immoral - as it harms people not included in the designated group of people the governments wants to see successful.
     4) Tax policy must be used to enable working people to make enough money for an adequate place to live, for food and clothing.
    5)  Laws need to be changed to promote self-employment and small business growth.  The best employees are the ones who work for themselves.  The biggest impediment to self-employment is medical coverage and social security tax.