Economic facts of life:

"We have a system that increasingly taxes work and subsidizes nonwork." Milton Friedman, economist

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1. Liberal politicians (usually democratsNEVERhave enough money. No matter how much revenue the government brings in, it is never enough. Liberals always want to raise taxes, cater to the non-producer and expand the number of citizens receiving some form of government help. Liberal politicians love spending other people’s money and making as many people as possible dependant on THEM, so you will vote for THEM. It’s simply a vote buying scheme disguised as compassion. There is no incentive to end these programs because once people get used to it, it’s nearly impossible to end. It’s almost like a drug addiction. Once on these government programs, you’re hooked. These programs are never efficient because case workers try to get as many people as possible to sign up - it’s job security. These programs traditionally lose between 25 to 50% of their money in overhead and fraud.

2. Social programs do NOT solve social ills. Social programs encourage irresponsible behavior, laziness and promotes dependency on the taxpayer. If you do what’s right, are careful with your finances, you get nothing from the government but a tax bill. If you complain about your taxes, liberals will call you selfish. If you mess up your life, you get money and sympathy from the government.

Social programs encourage still more social programs. With any social program, especially at the federal level, with each passing year, these programs become:

   a) more expensive

   b) more inefficient

   c) more politicized and corrupt

3. The government cannot give anybody anything unless it first takes it from somebody else. Redistribution of income is a time honored way to help the less fortunate. Carried out to an extreme (which it has in the US), redistribution of income will destroy the prosperity of a nation. When one segment of society gets the idea that they do not have to work because the rest of society is going to take care of them, it’s the beginning of the end for a prosperous country.

4. High taxes does NOT produce economic prosperity. Cities and states with the highest taxes always have the most fiscal problems and are almost always run by liberals.

5. You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity. Anti-poverty spending by the government has cost taxpayers TRILLIONS of dollars in ineffective, and actually counterproductive spending.

6. Federal spending to stimulate the economy is inefficient. For every dollar of government deficit spending to stimulate the economy, a dollar of private spending is eliminated, which reduces economic growth. Federal spending does not stimulate the economy like private spending. Government “make-work” projects are wasteful and produces typical government corruption that goes with government programs. A lot of pork is given to cities and states that are in need of financial rescue because of years of high taxes and overspending by liberal politicians and now the well is dry. They are bankrupt.

Obama’s “stimulus” bill of over $800 billion is a disaster. Only a very small percentage of this money will stimulate the private sector. A lot of this money is government works projects. Once the money is spent, those people will be unemployed again. Some of this money is a bail out for cities that are in financial crisis from years of high taxes and overspending by liberal politicians and now the well is dry.  A lot of money is to pay off political supporters like La Raza and ACORN. All $800 billion is deficit spending. Our federal deficit next year will be around $1.4 TRILLION. This is economic INSANITY.

Conclusion: The economic facts of life are simple. When the combined tax rate goes above 35%, the balance shifts into the negative.  You have less prosperity, greater government corruption and more favoritism in doling out all that tax money. The higher the tax rate, the lower the standard of living. Big Government does NOT create prosperity - it destroys prosperity. Statistics prove this.