"though they are made of the same human clay as the rest of us, think they can take away all our freedoms and exercise them on our behalf." Frederic Bastiat

COMMUNISM: freeing people from the burden of freedom. Stop thinking. Just do what you're told.


Communism only does 3 things really well:

• Commit mass murder against their own citizens.

• Insulate the ruling class form the masses.

• Spread poverty and terror equally among the masses.

Communism is the biggest scam in history. A system that requires an absolute dictatorship and mass murder to be “successful,” is made to sound appealing to the people. Millions of people have supported Communism only to realize later that they fought for their own enslavement. Government propaganda keeps you angry at something else so the ruling class can live well. 

That communism is evil is apparent by the total control communists must have over every aspect of society. All communication - radio, TV, newspapers and other print media, internet, etc., is all controlled by the government. As Kennedy once famously said, "democracy is not perfect, but we don’t have to build walls to keep our citizens in."

Communism in theory and practice has proven to be the ultimate evil. Yet many in the political left in the western world supported communism. Why? Because the political left are control freaks and communism is the ultimate in a controlled society. No debates, no dissension, just obedience - or else.

Cost of imposing communism on society:
USSR - 20 million murdered;
China - 50 million murdered;
Revolts in many communist countries with thousands murdered to reimpose dictatorship.

Cost of imposing capitalism on the USA:
No deaths, and no one flees the country. But if you want to leave, you won’t be shot.