Without America, there is NO Free World

America has traditionally been the defender of the weak and fought against evil around the world. When a man or women joins the US military, they are joining an organization that has saved the world repeatedly. When America is the dominant military power in the world, the free world is safe. If China or Russia ever become the dominant military power, the free world is in moral peril. 

Since the 1960s and the Vietnam War, the political left in America and much of the world has denounced our military as a force against peace. The facts are that American military power is responsible for preventing major wars since World War Two and maintaining the postwar economic boom by maintaining free commerce, communications and travel.

The claims by the political left that the US is an imperialistic power is propaganda. The US does not have dozens of puppet governments set up around the world. It was the former Soviet Union which ruled many countries through the puppet governments they set up by force and intimidation.

America won the “Cold War” IN SPITE of the Democrats, NOT because of them. Political Leftists spent 50 years making excuses for the most evil form of government in all of history - Communism - a system responsible for the genocide of over 30 million innocent people since 1917.  Leftists constantly tried to harm America’s military by ridiculing the military and always trying to reduce the defense budget.

Liberals treated the Cold War as if it was an ego contest - a battle between the biggest guys on the block to see who was stronger, rather then the truth that the Cold War was a battle between good (The US) and evil (Soviet Communism). It would be inconceivable for any US veteran to think how they could in good conscience serve in a country with an evil agenda - like the old Soviet Union, or today in Iran.  Although we were born in America, we serve because the US fights for just causes. It would be impossible to morally justify serving in the military of Russia, Iran, Communist China and so on. When America has invaded a country, it was to restore freedom and eliminate dictatorships and oppression. When the Soviets invaded a country, it was to establish adictatorship.

Democrats bungled the war in Vietnam, turning what could have been a quick victory in 1965 into a long losing war and wasting thousands of American lives. Vietnam, as well as the Korean War, was a war to stop Communist expansion - NOT a civil war.

In any war the US has to become involved in, the political discussion across America should be on how best to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible, with as few American casualties as possible and come home victorious. In the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under George Bush, the democratic party, in their hatred of George Bush, did tremendous harm in our attempts to win these wars. Many democrats in Congress were more concerned with destroying Bush then winning the war on terror.