Now THIS is torture


US forces in Iraq discover torture house

MAY 24, 2007 --In a recent raid on an al-Qaeda safe house in Iraq, U.S. military officials recovered an assortment of crude drawings depicting torture methods like "blowtorch to the skin" and "eye removal." Along with the images, which you'll find on the following pages, soldiers seized various torture implements, like meat cleavers, whips, and wire cutters. Photos of those items can be seen here. The images, which were just declassified by the Department of Defense, also include a picture of a ramshackle Baghdad safe house described as an "al-Qaeda torture chamber." It was there, during an April 24 raid, that soldiers found a man suspended from the ceiling by a chain. According to the military, he had been abducted from his job and was being beaten daily by his captors. In a raid earlier this week, Coalition Forces freed five Iraqis who were found in a padlocked room in Karmah. The group, which included a boy, were reportedly beaten with chains, cables, and hoses.

(Dont’ worry, the political and religious left won’t care. They will harp about Guantanimo for the next 100 years)

Torture methods of Al-Qaeda:
1) drill into the body
2) Sever limbs with a meat cleaver
3) Dragging victoms behind cars
4) Strap head against a wall and gouge the eye out
5) Blowtorch to the skin
6) Suspended from ceiling and electrocuted
7) Breaking limbs against edge of door
8) Bind and beat with rods
9) Suspend from ceiling with ropes around ankles and whip
10) Tie up and put hot iron against skin
11) Put victim’s head into a vise and tighten

Photos of torture Manual and victims.  (WARNING: This material contains disturbing illustrations and images)


Iraqi translators tortured to death

2007 - An Iraqi translator named Kamal, who worked for the US military answers his phone one day in 2007. The number belonged to a trusted friend and fellow interpreter, but it was not his voice on the phone. It was a murderous insurgent, who said coldly, “You’re next.” 
   A few days later, the body of his friend was found. His body was riddled with holes from a power drill bit. The flesh on his back had been burned off with an electric heater.
   Another translater, Ibrahim, reported that 42 of his friends were kidnapped and tortured to death in similar ways when their identities were given to murderous insurgents by a snitch.

Source: The American Legion magazine, May 2009