Causes of War

Many people believe that most wars are caused by religion - particularly Christianity. This is NOT true. Most wars are fought over land and resources.

All wars of aggression are fought because the leadership of the aggressor nation has an insatiable desire for power and domination over others. This desire for power and domination is based on one or more of the following belief systems: (1) the desire for another country’s land and resources, (2) political ideology, (3) excessive nationalism or (4) religion .

The leadership of the aggressor nation always uses one or more of these 4 belief systems to manipulate the people into going to war for their country.

It has also been claimed that wars bring prosperity. This is absolutely NOT true. Wars are costly. No country gets rich in wartime. Every country in modern history has been devastated economically by the cost of fighting a war. There are NO exceptions.

Selected wars - Why the aggressor nation went to war:

• World War 2 was a combination of excessive nationalism and the desire for other countries land and resources by Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan.  

• The Korean War (1950-53) and the Vietnam War were Communist wars of aggression that were based on a belief in the ideological superiority of communism.

• Spread of Islam since its founding by Mohammed was based on religious superiority.

• The attacks of 9/11 were based on religious superiority by Muslim Fundamentalists and the Taliban.