Reverse Racism

“There’s no great, white bigot; there’s just about 200 million little white bigots out there.” -
USA Today racist columnist Julianne Malveaux   
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If a white American said he hated Japanese because of all the evil done to the world and America during World War II,  you would be called a racist, since World War II ended over half a century ago. If someone said they hated the people of Viet Nam because of the Vietnam War in the 1960s and early 1970s, you would be laughed at and ridiculed.


But a Mexican can be mad at the US for things that happened 150 years ago or more and that is considered acceptable.  A Hispanic can hate America for any grievance of the past - real or imagined - and they are accepted as legitimate and respected.  Blacks can rant and rave against white America for things that happened 50, 100 or even 200 years ago, and their hatred is considered appropriate by the liberal white establishment.  When the establishment types talk about racism, it is always directed against whites - never any other race. The fact is, anybody of any race or ethnic group can be a racist. Racism is just another failure of the human condition.

The world was astonished that a nut like Adolf Hitler could mesmerize the vast majority of the German people, yet a unique “Nazification” of a significant percentage of blacks and hispanics in America is occurring before our eyes.  Many white Americans are being victimized for things they - nor their ancestors - ever did and it’s time to recognize this reverse racism. The evil people who want to play this never ending blame game of hatred and guilt must be confronted and defeated.

If white America apologized to blacks for the sins of the past, would blacks say, “great, let’s be friends”? No. Many whites HAVE apologized, but it’s not enough.  For decades, blacks said if only we could have black police officers, a black police chief, black teachers, a black school principle, blacks on city council, a black mayor, black president, etc., etc.  All these things have happened over the past 40 years, but black attitudes towards whites has only gotten worse. Some blacks demand reparations.  How much in reparations would be enough??

Governments at all levels, federal, state and even local have dolled out TRILLIONS of dollars aimed at black poverty and social programs, but that isn’t enough.  Huge corporations have given MILLIONS to black organizations for their pet projects.  But this isn’t enough.  Money is not the real issue.  Apologizing is not the real issue. The issue is hate. Only forgiveness can end hate. Until this occurs, we must stop trying to be reasonable with hate filled people.  It doesn’t work.

No racial or ethnic group in America has been attacked and discriminated against in recent years as much as whites have, especially white males.  This is not empty rhetoric.  Whites are far more likely to be attacked by a black or hispanic than the other way around.  Whites are far more likely to be attacked in a minority neighborhood then the other way around.  Quotas discriminate against whites in jobs, school admissions, promotions and many other areas of society.  The Federal government and many State governments have programs reserved solely for minorities.  

White people have a clear conscience

Some white people - mostly younger Americans and of course liberals - figure that if some minorities hate us, we must deserve it.  It is high time to end the guilt trip. White people have nothing to feel guilty for. The past is not near as bad as the haters want you to believe, and whatever wrongs have been done have been more then atoned for. 

The great things white Americans have accomplished is so massive it can hardly compare to the negative. The brilliance of the Founding Fathers, creating a nation so wonderful that millions of immigrants came here and not Canada or Mexico or Latin America (See Foundations of America). We fought a civil war over slavery. America was the only country powerful enough to save Western Civilization repeatedly for the past 150 years.

On the subject of the Indians, the Spanish killed a lot more Indians in the New World then were killed in what became the United States. (See The Indians) The Spanish are not being bashed over this issue. Also, there were constant wars between Indian Tribes and some Indian Tribes were wiped out by other Indian tribes.  But that’s ok because other Indians did it.  If white Americans would wipe out an Indian tribe it would be an unforgivable sin. Are liberals telling Mexicans to go back to Spain? Are liberals condemning Mexicans of Spanish descent for stealing the land from their Indians?  No. Why pick on non-Spanish European descendants?   It is called RACISM.

Black Guilt

Blacks are the ones who should be burdened with guilt! Consider the black crime rate, black on white crime rate, destruction of our cities, filling up our jails, never ending demand for handouts and favors. - after TRILLIONS have been spent.

The fact is, blacks use hate and vengeance to justify their desire to remain a victim. Victimhood is used as a crutch to absolve blacks of responsibility and criminal behavior - pity me, it’s not my fault!!!.  It is time to get past the victimhood mentality. Taking responsibility will end victimhood. It’s time to end the hate. 

The way to end minority racism is to immediately stop giving them special favors. All quotas, affirmative action, social programs aimed at blacks should end immediately.

A New Beginning

Just as many white people fought for civil rights for blacks, every American who believes in justice needs to join with us in fighting minority racists. Unlike the NAACP, LaRaza or Nation of Islam, the position of American Action is not racially exclusive and will not breed division or racism. American Action’s beliefs are based on the Lord’s standard of right and wrong and should be supported by Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds.

Many former enemies are now friends. Germany and Israel have good relations today - 60 years after the holocaust. It’s time to stop dividing this country by race.  The past needs to be the past, or we will never get beyond our racial divide.  You learn from the past, but we don’t live in the past. It’s time to stand together in confronting minority racists.