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2008 - October 17 - Farrakhan angry at OJ Simpson conviction in Las Vegas

“The recent decision to convict O.J. Simpson on kidnapping and robbery charges comes down to a very simple reality: White America wanted payback and an all-White jury gave the country what it wanted. The farce of a trial in Las Vegas, made more sad by Mr. Simpson’s seemingly obliviousness to the disdain and hatred he engenders, was certainly not the doing of justice.

Though the judge, prosecutors and jury would like to say justice was done, the verdict issued in Las Vegas is another page in the sad history of racial injustice in America.”

Source: http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/Perspectives_1/America_Gets_Its_Man_The_O_J_Simpson_Verdict_5336.shtml


2007, Oct 16     Farrakhan's address on the occasion of the 12th Anniversary of the Million Man March, delivered at the Atlanta Civic Center. Some excerpts of his speech.

Speech titled: Come Out of Her, My People

“In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.”

“We have chosen the city of Atlanta to bring this message of Atonement, Reconciliation and Responsibility. We thank Mayor Shirley Franklin for honoring us and presenting us with the Phoenix award. We thank Councilman Ivory Young Jr. and the City Council for their proclamation on behalf of the city. We are honored to be in the great city of Atlanta, in the great state of Georgia, the birthplace of the man that I represent, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

I am so honored by all of these magnificent and wonderful persons that are seated on this stage to my left and my right; members of the clergy, members of the political elite of the city, my beloved Brothers and Sisters in hip hop. All of you honor me by your presence. I'm just overjoyed that my big Brother, who is really the patriarch now of the Civil Rights struggle, the Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery is here. We are honored to have you. He looks so young and so vibrant and he sounds so strong. My Brother from SCLC who is now carrying the torch of Dr. King, Dr. Abernathy, and Martin Luther King III and Rev. Joe Lowry and all those who came before, Brother Charles Steele. He was so fired up, I have to be careful; I won't hit that podium anymore. I want to thank the president of Morehouse, the president of Clark Atlanta University, the president of Spelman. Atlanta is indeed blessed with this great college campus and all of these wonderful institutions. My plea to the presidents of these institutions is that you understand the time, and what is required of the time, and not make these schools plantations that bring children out to be servants of those that their fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers served.

“The Black male is in a very particular place of endangerment not only by environmental factors, but the Black man's attitude, our ignorance, our savagery, are all lending to a plan, a conspiracy. The scientists say that when a species is endangered, the next stage is extinction. If the condition of the Black Male in particular is not checked and if God does not intervene, we will soon be extinct.”

Much has been said about the growth of the Black middle class and how it appears we have finally turned the corner in our quest to attain the American dream. But is this real? Is it one of the tricks of Pharaoh and his magicians? Is it designed to delay our attainment of the true Kingdom of God for His people? In reality we have the illusion, the trappings of progress, but little else to show for our 452 years in bondage as slaves and now as free slaves in North America.

“The enemy of the rise of our people has captured most of the Black intellectuals, the Black middle class, the Black moneyed people and told them, “Yes, you can fight for your people but only to a level that we approve of and you'd better not ever say, ‘come out of us.' You will not be allowed to say that and you certainly will not be allowed to do that.”

“Well, this is 2007, but the weight of the police force is still against Blacks and Latinos, so the police are still fulfilling what they were originally organized for. And the police need people on the police force, Black and Hispanic as well as White, who make examples of the Black and the Brown and the poor. So, you fill your jails with them.”

Source: www.finalcall.com

2006, August 14 - Excerpts of a letter from Farrakhan to Fidel Castro, dictator of Cuba



Commandante Fidel Castro, Leader of the Cuban Revolution

As-Salaam Alaikum. (Peace Be Unto You)

Dear Commandante Castro, the idea of servicing the needs of the people rather than the idea of gaining material wealth is the essence of the revolution.  I firmly believe that Allah (God) has chosen you and the Cuban people to begin this process of servicing human needs, thus setting the stage for all people of goodwill to emulate this mode of service to others.

Please remember what I said to you in our last meeting, that there is no such thing as death for Fidel Castro, for you are an idea whose time has arrived; and that idea is deep in the souls of most of the Cuban people and now in the hearts of many throughout the world. This idea will continue to grow and you will continue to grow with it from beyond the grave.

May Allah (God) continue to shower His Blessings on you and those who help you in the service of others.

Sincerely, and with much love and great respect,

I Am Your Brother and Servant,

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan
 Servant to the Lost-Found
Nation of Islam in the West