Ghettos and Slums. How are they created?




No where has the loss of civility and morals become more apparent than in America’s cities. There are many neighborhoods in cities all across America that used to be nice neighborhoods that now are ghettos.

How are ghettos created? Ghettos are created by the people who live there. White people are NOT responsible for ghettos. Racism is NOT responsible for ghettos. Lack of education is NOT responsible for ghettos. Lack of jobs is NOT responsible for ghettos. Ghettos are caused by people who have no morals or ethics and justify criminal behavior. The people who live in ghettos have only THEMSELVES to blame. This is easy to prove. There are many neighborhoods in cities all across America that were nice neighborhoods in the past that now are violent, high crime, drug infested neighborhoods. If you study how these neighborhoods changed, you will see that the good people died off or were run out by crime and assaults. They were replaced by people who lack morals and ethics. People cover up for law breakers. They teach their kids that cops are bad and racist, while gang members are just good kids that are being constantly harassed by the evil police. When there is a fatal police shooting of a gang member, the brainless “leaders” of the community side with the thugs and gang bangers.

Proof of this inherent racism is when ghetto blacks complain about the lack of police protection. But if police move in and start arresting criminals (all of whom will be black) then they will complain that there are too many black males in prison. Additionally, there will be confrontations because blacks tend not to listen to white police officers. Then some “civil rights” leader will complain that police are profiling blacks.

Blame shifting never solves anything. Many ghettos dwellers refuse to take responsibility for their own actions, preferring to blame someone/something else.  Many ghetto dweller wallow in victimhood. They vote liberals into office who justify irresponsible behavior to keep getting elected. Results? Jobs flee, education fails and children go astray.

Now let’s see how a better class of people handled extreme adversity. During the depression, 15 to 24% of the work force was unemployed. Some cities had to close their schools for lack of money. Banks closed with depositors losing their money. Twenty percent of New York school children were malnourished. Families lined up at soup kitchens to keep from starving.

Yet in the midst of this economic disaster, people maintained their morals, character and integrity. There was surprisingly little crime. Frugality and prudence were prized virtues. People didn’t riot and burn down their neighborhood. They didn’t firebomb or loot businesses. They didn’t kill police and torch their cars. They didn’t have to lock everything. Their neighborhoods remained a nice place to live. What they DID do was help each other out.

THEN over 12 MILLION of these Americans saved the world in World War two.



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Americans of Korean descent defending their store in 1992. One was killed and 3 others wounded by looters.
In 1931, hundreds of people peacefully lined up for the Christmas dinner at the New York Municipal Lodging House. There were no riots or brawls and minimal police presence.(A)