Confederate statues

The attack on Confederate statues - after being on display for decades is nothing but a political attack on Trump. Why were these statues not an issue when obama was president?? The smart move is to take this issue away. Unless these Confederate statutes are on a Battlefield or museum, they should be replaced with other heroes from the South for two very good reason:

1: This attachment to Confederate leaders is not morally justifiable and is misplaced loyalty. The Confederacy was fighting to retain slavery through States Rights. How can you glorify that?? After the Battle of Gettysburg, Southern leadership knew that the South couldn’t win the Civil War. Yet they continued to fight until well over half of their young white males had been killed. Should Confederate Generals be honored for wasting thousands of lives on both sides?

2: We MUST finally put the Civil War behind us and unite against our common enemies - Black Lives Matter, KKK, Nation of Islam, NAACP, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), La Raza, the Nazi Party and expose black on white crime. If you are a Christian and support the Confederacy, this is a roadblock in your relationship with the Lord. What could be better then to be in a proper relationship to God? (James 5:16) 

A partial list of Southern heroes:

Audie Murphy was from Texas.

North Carolina had 6 medal of honor winners in World War 2, one of them being Jack Lucas on Iwo Jima - just 5 days after his 17th birthday. He was the Youngest American in this century to receive the award. North Carolina had 2 Medal of Honor winners in WW1.

Mississippi had 4 Medal of Honor winners in WW2 and 3 during the Korean War.

The Filing Cabinet was invented by Edwin G. Seibels of South Carolina in 1898.

In 1926,  Alabaman Waldo Semon invented PVC and that’s not all. Semon earned 116 patents over the course of his 100-year life.

No one could argue with statues of these people.

It’s time to FINALLY end the Civil War.


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