Black man hunts whites to kill in Pittsburgh

May 2, 2000 – Pittsburgh, PA

Ronald Taylor, a 39 year old black man living on Social Security Disability, blamed all his problems on other races and religions, but especially white people.

So Taylor, disatisfied with maintenance at his apartment, set out on a killing spree. The shooting rampage was clearly racially motivated.

Ronald Taylor

"I'm not going to hurt any black people," Taylor reportedly told a black neighbor, "I'm just out to kill white people."(1)

Police said Taylor set fire to his residence; killed a maintenance man inside the building; fatally shot another man inside a nearby Burger King and shot the other three victims outside and inside a McDonald's. In all, 3 whites were killed and 2 seriously wounded, but survived.

He was arrested in an office building after he kept police at bay for two hours, holding four or five people in wheelchairs hostage at a senior hospice center.

When police searched his apartment, they found many hate filled writtings.(2)
In his writtings, he lashed out at whites, Jews, Asians, Italians, white police officers, "feds," and "Uncle Tom" blacks.(2)

“Jesus Christ made a very costly mistake putting white people on the face of the earth. ... I'll see all of my enemies in hell. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."(2)

He gives "a big thumb up--way to go" to both Adolf Hitler and Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh and predicts what he calls "the United Snakes of America will burn in hell."(2)

"So [expletive] Jesus Christ, you no good, heartless, evil, bias, favoritism, Jewish cold-blood [expletive].(2)

On January 12, 2002, Taylor was sentenced to death.

2. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Tuesday, March 07, 2000