Civil Rights

People should not be judged by the “color of their skin, but by the content of their character” - Martin Luther King

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Black Racists in Action - Most Black leaders claim Blacks can’t be racist because they don’t have power. O Really??? Anybody of any race or ethnicity can be a racist. These blacks weren’t powerless.

What we do have is BLACK privilege and RACISM against WHITES!!!
Founding Fathers better than Black Leadership - The Founding Fathers weren't perfect, but they accomplished brilliant things!!

Quotas - Affirmative Action - Quotas divide. They are counter productive.

The REAL Al Sharpton - Sharpton has instigated murders.  But the liberal media and fellow democrats still love Al.

Louis Farrakhan - straight from the Mother Ship.

Anybody of any race or ethnicity can be a racist. There are Mexican racists out there. Go to Racist Rants by Mexicans.

The civil rights movement in America used to be a high moral calling, which supported equality of opportunity and brotherhood between all races.  Since the tragic death of Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement has become morally bankrupt, promoting victimhood and rage among blacks and demanding special privileges while fostering an attitude of vengeance and hatred against whites.

Black "leadership" in America has essentially divided blacks into 2 categories.
The first category are just average people who work hard, try to do what’s right and are great people to know and have as neighbors.
The second category of blacks want to live in eternal victimhood and rage and are racist to the core - consumed with hatred for whites and will always feel they are oppressed. A very large percentage of blacks fall into this second category! These ghetto blacks support despicable people like Farrakhan, Sharpton Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright and many other hatemongers at the local level. They support racist groups like Black Lives Matter or the NAACP.
These are the type of blacks that people don’t want moving into their good neighborhood. It’s not because the people in these nice neighborhoods are racist, it’s because these ghetto blacks are racist. They won’t respect other people or their property and believe they are justified in committing crimes against white people. EVERY neighborhood these people move into goes bad. It must be noted that anyone of any race can a bad neighbor!
Some blacks believe the CIA created the AIDS virus to kill all blacks and that the government blew up the levees in New Orleans during Katrina to kill all the blacks. Nearly everything, somehow, someway is caused by white racism. Amazingly, many of these racists go to church on Sunday and praise the Lord!

The truth is that 99% of all the problems blacks (or anyone else) has in America today is their own fault - the result of making bad choices. 
In 1995, 1 million black males (about 9% of the adult black male population in America) went to Washington in support of racist hate monger Louis Farrakhan.(1) What would black America think if 9% of the adult white male population - about 7 million men - went to Washington in support of the leader of the KKK?(2) 

It is very troubling for this many blacks to support Farrakhan - along with Sharpton, Jackson, etc.. We should be more united after 50 years of civil rights legislation. Instead, it sometimes appears we are becoming more divided. 

Black leaders condemn black on black crime. This is a racist statement. We should condemn all crime, not just black on black crime. 

Time for Black leadership to end racial discord!!

There should not be racial discord in America. Blacks should be the most patriotic Americans there is. Blacks should feel a bond of friendship towards whites. But this isn’t the case. After 50 years of quotas, civil rights legislation and TRILLIONS in poverty spending aimed at blacks - there is more racial animosity then ever. Why? Because black “leaders’ have spent 50 years preaching hate, vengeance and victimhood to blacks. As a result, thousands of Asians, Spanish, blacks and especially whites who have been beaten, maimed and murdered by the lawless, gangsta, class of blacks.
Black “leadership” has a lot to seek forgiveness for - and pay for! If you consider the decay that has occurred in our great cities by ghetto blacks - the crime, social chaos, all the money spent on police, prisons, social programs, etc. - it is obvious that ghetto blacks owe whites reparations!!!

True Freedom

Bad race relations are the fault of racist black leadership. A lot of blacks have racist attitudes and don’t even know it. They have been fed propaganda by the black establishment for so long they no longer think objectively.  Blacks need to be set free from the evil forces masquerading as leaders. Blacks need to consider other opinions and read other points of view. 
Any group that advances an agenda based on race or ethnicity at the expense of another group is racist. Most black and hispanic “civil rights” groups are racist to the core and led by people who are clueless about right and wrong.
The time is long overdue to attack minority bigots with the same fervor used against white bigots and time to come against white liberals who constantly make excuses for minority bigots. We SHOULD ALL be able to get along. Blacks aren't oppressed anymore and haven't been for decades. No one wants to hear about it anymore.

1. According to the 1990 census(A), there were 30 million blacks in America, with 47% being male, leaving 14.1 million males. One third, or 4.6 million, were under 18, leaving 9.5 million adult black males in US in 1990.     
     According to 2000 census(B), there were 34.7 million blacks in America, with black males being slightly under half of that total, or 17 million. With 31% of population being under 18,  there were 11.7 million black males above the age of 18.     
     So assume there were about 11 million adult black males in America in 1995, meaning about 9% of the adult black male population in America showed up to support the evil Farrakhan.

2. in 1990, there were 199.7 million whites in America.(C) In 2000 there were 211.5 million whites.(C) In 2000, 23.5% of whites were under 18.(D) So assume in 1995, there were 205 million whites and 156.8 million were above 18. Deduct half for women and that leaves 78.4 million adult white males, and 9% of 78.4 million would be about 7 million.