"Freedom without ethics produces anarchy" - anonymous

"There is nothing to prevent our Western civilization from following historical precedent, if it chooses, by committing social suicide."Arnold J. Toynbee, British historian and author


It has been said that people prefer order over freedom.  Throughout much of history, and even today in some societies, it’s accepted that you either have order with a strong overpowering government, or you have freedom and disorder. America was founded on the belief that we could have both order and freedom. This had never been successfully done before in history and the Founding Fathers knew that order and freedom don’t just happen through wishful thinking.

The brilliance of the Founding Fathers in resolving this issue cannot be overstated.  History shows us that human behavior can only be controlled by 2 methods - either internally through the influence of a moral code, or externally by an all powerful, intrusive government.  Obviously you can’t have a free society with an all powerful government.  The Founders knew that a free society could only function under the self-discipline of Christianity.  Since we all want to live in a safe, peaceful neighborhood, the Founders placed the burden of maintaining a civil society on the people who had the most to lose if Christianity were abolished.  Thus morality went from the people up to the government - the reverse of what was done in Europe.  

But order and freedom began to fall apart in the 1960s and there were specific reasons why this happened. What has happened in America in the past 40 years has been the systematic destruction of Christian morality in schools and public institutions by liberal politicians and their co-conspirators in the federal judiciary - not by the people or our legislatures.  As a result, American society is no longer held in high esteem by the rest of the world because of crime, social decay and general loss of civility and ethics throughout society.

The destruction of our once civil society is primarily the result of judicial rulings - mostly at the federal level. These rulings by the judiciary makes a mockery of “We the People” and are absolutely unconstitutional.  Morality (and many other issues) are now being decided by the judiciary and going from the government down to the people - the reverse of what America was founded on. (See "Judicial Tyranny")

Instead of the President, or Congress or the people saying ‘STOP, this is Unconstitutional,’ everybody just meekly replies, ‘well, that is what the court says, so we have to do it.’ Meanwhile, these Kings and Queens dressed in black are systematically destroying everything that made America the beacon of the world.

The truth is we have allowed left wing federal judges to make our lives difficult by outlawing the ability of society to preserve social norms that promote order, safety and civility.  These leftwing federal judges are mostly democrats appointed by democratic presidents. (Obama, Clinton, Carter, Lyndon Johnson).

There are consequences to every action.  With Judeo-Christian ethics no longer being the basis for law in America, our society has been devastated.  Some costs to society for allowing these leftists to rule our lives are:

  • 1) Judeo-Christian ethics - the foundation of Western Civilization - are being systematically outlawed, and replaced with a Pagan culture.  When you outlaw Christian morality, anarchy and perversion rise and can only be suppressed by passing more and more laws and taking away our freedoms in order to maintain order.  We have reaped the horrible results of passively allowing leftists to remove Christian morality from schools and society in general.
  • 2) Liberalism and high taxes. The cities with the most social programs and highest taxes have the most problems.  There is a message here somewhere.
  • 3) Moral relativism replacing moral absolutes - many people believe it’s okay to steal because the worlds’s against them!! If someone has more than me, I deserve it!!
  • 4) The black church in America is mostly dead. Preaching a message of hate and vengeance has replaced true Bible teaching. Most black ministers advance the cause of Satan, not Christ. Don't believe this?? When was the last time a black minister/civil rights leader/politician spoke out against black on white crime, which is rampant?
  • 5) Personal responsibility - most problems we have in life is our own doing, not someone else's fault.
  • 6) Loss of civility - too many people are belligerent. Being courteous makes everyone’s life easier.
  • 7) Common Sense - which America used to be famous for - was systematically destroyed by both Judicial edit and the trial lawyers, who used any excuse to file a civil suit. This has resulted in political correctness - the opposite of common sense and reality.
  • 8) Optimism  - which America also used to be famous for has been destroyed by leftists who constantly bad mouth and lie about America and blame us for all the ills in the world.
  • 9) Welfare and other social programs were greatly expanded and abused, mostly as a result of the “Great Society” programs of Lyndon Johnson in the 60s.  Taxes increased dramatically.  The work ethic was seriously damaged. The victim mentality caused some people to expect something for nothing.
  • 10) With the tragic assassination of Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement was kidnapped by Black bigots, who transformed it from a high moral calling that advocated unity among all people into evil, racist hate groups that preach vengeance and hatred against white people.  These black racists blame whites for the problems blacks have today, when the truth is that 99.9% of the problems blacks have is of their own doing - making bad choices in their lives.  
  • 11) Crime increased greatly, especially among minorities.  Black crime caused “white flight” to the suburbs and the jobs went with them for the same reasons.  Only a generation ago, people were not afraid to travel through virtually any neighborhood in any city in America - black or white. This begin to change in the 1960s.  Ask any older long time resident of a larger American city and they will tell you that city living was a lot nicer in the past.  It wasn’t that long ago when people didn’t lock their doors or cars at night.  Now many neighborhoods have bars on their windows.  Good people in cities a generation or two ago have been replaced by inferior people - people of low morals and character.  They are why many formerly nice neighborhoods are now unsafe and not a desirable place to live. Black leadership is largely responsible for the crime in black areas of cities and especially the excessive crime directed against whites.
  • 12) The ratio of Producer to Taker has changed greatly.
  • 13)  Music changed.  Many of the messages in songs changed.  In the 1960s it was rebellion.  In the 1990s, music often promoted negative, self destructive messages.  Compare lyrics of the the 60s and 90s with songs in the 1930s - in the middle of a depression when things were REALLY hard economically.
  • 14) TV changed and continues to change.  Many TV shows promote the gay lifestyle and amorality.  Many of these shows would never have aired even 20 years ago. The television is largely responsible for creating the social culture we live in.
  • 15) The type of immigrants coming to America changed.  Most immigrants of the past were flag wavers who loved their adopted country of America. Because of Multiculturalism and quotas, many immigrants over the past 20 years have resisted assimilating into American society and resist learning English. Liberal Democrats are mostly responsible for these evil policies that are destroying American unity.  
  • This is what these left wing politicians (usually Democrats) have done to American society and to YOU.  
  • No where has the loss of civility become more apparent than in America’s major cities.  People shouldn’t be afraid to buy a less expensive home in the city so they don’t have to work their tails off trying to pay off a much more pepensive home in the suburbs..



  • 1. Many blacks and hispanics are prejudiced against whites. Civil rights laws need to target minority racists.
  • 2. Parents need to teach their children right from wrong at an early age. Children and some adults need to be taught to respect other people’s property and not to steal and have consideration for other neighbors.
  • 3. Block parties are a great way to get to know your neighborhoods. Having just one over the summer each year is an excellent idea.
  • 4. Neighbors should get together and form neighborhood associations.  Rules would determine how many apartments in each block, noise levels at different times of the day and night, etc. You determine the type of neighborhood you live in.
  • 5. We need a voter revolt against activist judges.  This can be done by voting politicians into office who will support appointing conservative people to the judiciary.  See “Voting” section.  Never EVER vote for a liberal (usually Democrats) because they smile and tell you they care as they put that knife into your back.  
  • 6. We need a voter revolt against liberal politicians - mayors, city council members and school board members. Voters need to understand that big spending policies do NOT save society - rather destroys it.  See “Voting” section.  Never EVER vote for a liberal (usually Democrats) because they smile and tell you they care as they put that knife into your back.
  • 7. Parking is always an issue. Development money used to improve neighborhoods should be used to make garages near your home.

Everyone wants to live in a nice neighborhood. In today's America, that means buying an expensive house to keep away from “undesirable” types.  This is causing tremendous financial stress to people and finances are a big reason for divorce and family breakup.  Both parents shouldn’t have to work their tail off to keep their head above water.  

Today, the thought of any parent having to raise 5 or 7 kids would send us to the looney farm.  It would be difficult to raise that many children in today's social environment.  

There are three primary reasons why it is so difficult to raise children today.  

  • First and most important, there are much more temptations for children today then 30 years ago - explicit TV shows, negative music and drugs are everywhere.
  • Second, the parents used to be the boss and all of society generally operated under this belief.  Today children have “rights” that undermine the authority of parents. A lot of parents are afraid or don’t know how to discipline their children.
  • Third, parents for the most part didn’t have to fear the “lunatic fringe” - homosexual predators, child perverts, etc.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be."  Thomas Jefferson

"A nation or civilization that continues to produce soft-minded men purchases its own spiritual death on the installment plan." Martin Luther King, Jr.

"While civilization has been improving our houses, it has not equally improved the men who are to inhabit them. It has created palaces, but it was not so easy to create noblemen and kings."  Henry David Thoreau

"Since the dawn of time, traditional marriage - the union between one man and one woman - has been the building block of civilization, and at no point in our nation's history has that foundation been under more severe attack than now." Jim DeMint

"The greatest advances of civilization, whether in architecture or painting, in science and literature, in industry or agriculture, have never come from centralized government." Milton Friedman

"Civilization is the making of civil persons." John Ruskin

"Hold fast to the Bible. To the influence of this Book we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization and to this we must look as our guide in the future." Ulysses S. Grant