A false religion - for many reasons

Muslims claim the Quran is the final revelation of God. Muslims make this claim based on two contradictory assertions: 

1)  Muslims claim the Bible is corrupt so God had to give the Quran to Mohammed 

HOW DO MUSLIMS KNOW THE BIBLE BECAME CORRUPTED? Who changed the Bible? When was it changed?  Which parts were changed and which parts weren’t?  There are many great libraries in the Muslim world.  The Bible and the Jewish Torah (Christian Old Testament) were both available to Mohammed during his life.  If the Bible and Torah were corrupted, why hasn’t someone come forth with a “correct” one to prove the others are “corrupted”.  We are not talking about a few sentences here and there.  The Bible and the Quran have almost nothing in common.  There has been tremendous research into the accuracy of the current Bible with ancient manuscripts and it has been proven that there are only a few minor issues concerning the Bible’s accuracy. This proves in itself that the Muslim claim is bogus. 

2) Muslims claim the Bible prophesies about the coming of Mohammed, 
who is the “Comforter” in the Bible.

The Bible does NOT prophesy about Mohammed. It is odd for Muslims to claim the Bible is corrupt and in the next breath claim it prophesies about the coming of Mohammed. This is an exercise in futility. Why would Muslims care what the Bible says if it is corrupt? In any case, Mohammed is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible.  Some Muslim theologians have engaged in semantic acrobats to figure out a way to have the Bible prophesy about the coming of Mohammed, but these efforts are dishonest and are easily disproven.  All this effort raises the question of why Muslims are so anxious to have the Bible prophesy about Mohammed.  The answer is that Muslim theologians realize that the Quran recognizes the authenticity of the Christian Gospels and the Jewish Torah/Christian Old Testament. There are many prophesies in the Old Testament concerning the coming of the Messiah - Jesus Christ. There are no prophesies about Mohammed. The Bible is the final revelation of God. Jesus is the only Messiah. Moments before Jesus died on the cross, He said “it is finished.” God’s work of saving the human race is done. There are no more Messiah’s coming. 

The term ”Comforter,” is a reference to the Holy Spirit. There are many descriptions for the Holy Spirit in the Bible and none of them fit Mohammed. Mohammed was not a spirit and he most certainly was not holy.