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Bruce Alberts, President of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington DC, a staunch opponent of Creationism states, “Scientists, like many others, are touched with awe at the order and complexity of nature. ” (1)

Since The Beginning, the processes leading to the formation of human life on earth have been incredibly complex. We have the formation of the universe - space, time, matter, energy, solar systems, planets, stars, laws of physics and nature, etc. Formation of conditions on Earth conducive for life to form. Creation of life from non-living matter. Creation of plant and animal life on earth. Creation of Human life on earth. Creation of self-consciousness, free will and the desire to know who God is.


Defining terms:

Evolution: A general term used to describe how the universe and life on earth came into existence.

Biological evolution: Concerns the formation of life and different species on earth.

Microevolution:  Changes within a species. When a species adapts to new conditions, such as growing a bigger beak, this is microevolution. These changes are limited to each species. 

Macroevolution: When one species evolves into an entirely new species.

Theistic evolution: A belief that God guided the whole process of evolution. There are many variations of this belief.

Atheistic Evolution: The process of Evolution somehow knew just how to form the Universe, planets, stars; created the laws of physics, time, matter and created the perfect conditions for life to be created from non-living matter. Then simple organism somehow just knew how to evolve into plant and animal life and finally human beings. Most evolutionists are atheists.


There are two fundamental differences between atheistic evolutionists and creationists. The first and most important difference is simply Atheism versus belief in God. The second is empirical evidence versus theoretical assumptions.

1) The Atheists delusion:

Atheists attempt to replace God with Evolution.  Atheists give 'Evolution' God like qualities. 'Evolution' is not an intelligent being, it is a process. If Evolution DID have intelligence, you would call it 'God.' For atheists to believe that some chance evolutionary process is responsible for the unbelievably complex process of creation being completed successfully is the ultimate in self-delusion.

The atheistic position is indefensible. You really have only two choices - either God designed all this or this all happened by random chance - and the mathematical chances of this happening are non-existent. The Universe is an incredibly complex design - designed by the Master Designer. God is the only logical explanation for the Universe. 

Atheists, refusing to recognize the obvious, give intelligence to a process. Oxford’s atheist professor, Richard Dawkins, one of evolutions foremost gurus, stated: “Darwin provided a simpler explanation. His way is a gradual, incremental improvement starting from very simple beginnings and working up step by tiny incremental step to more complexity, more elegance, more adaptive perfection.”(2)  How would evolution know it is supposed to gradually improve species? There is zero proof of one species evolving into another. The only way anyone can believe in evolution as a process unto itself is because they refuse to admit God exists. 

Evolution is based on baseless assumptions that are unprovable. Atheists have no legitimate explanation for the origins of the universe or human life other than blind faith in some mystical evolutionary process that somehow knows exactly what to do.  Atheists have no explanation for the laws of physics, the development of self consciousness and free will in humans. Atheists have no clue as to the First Cause for the initial creation.

All atheists have done is rename God.

2) Empirical evidence versus theoretical assumptions:

Atheists “prove” evolution by going backwards. They see the issues that need “proven” and then go back and figure out a way that it could have worked to get to where each species is now. If evolutionists are so brilliant, they should be able to tell us what the next evolutionary step is for human beings.

In recent years, evolutionists have attempted to blur the lines between micro and macro evolution, by pushing the idea that a lot of micro changes equal macro evolution. This is just a word game. There is no absolute proof of one species evolving into another - macroevolution. 

Darwin made a big deal about the changes in the Finches of Galapagos Island and used this to “prove” evolution. This was a scam. This proves microevolution - adaptation within a species - NOT macroevolution.

When one species evolves into another, the inferior species dies out or so Darwin’s theory goes. The fact is that there are thousands of species of animals on earth who never died out. If we evolved from chimps, chimps should have died out.

A person’s ability to self-reflect and contemplate is not really a physical development.  It is naive to believe that human thought processes came along when the physical brain did.  The two are distinctly different.  For instance, birds build nests the same way they have for thousands of years.  But humans learn and adapt to new ways of thinking. Evolutionists have no clue on the origins of human consciousness.

Reading the fossil record is very subjective. There are many instances of fossils being put into a different category so they fit the theory. Can’t mess up the theory.

No verifiable “missing links” have been found. Every 10 or 20 years for over a century, evolutionists have found the latest “missing link,’ quickly discarding the previous “missing link.” 

EVERYTHING about evolution is VERY subjective. Evolution is a theory that supporters intend to prove no matter what!!!

If evolution is correct, then we should be evolving into the next higher species. But modern medicine and creature comforts have probably destroyed survival of the fittest in humans. Adolf Hitler recognized this “problem.” Hitler, a big believer in Darwin, put many people to death besides political opponents.  Hitler exterminated the inferior stock of the German race. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia employed survival of the fittest to weed out the inferior stock in 1975. About one-third of the population died.

There is no proof of one species evolving into another species. There is no proof of life being created by non-living matter. There is no proof that humans evolved from apes. The Bible says that human beings were a distinct creation, separate from the creation of animal life. (Genesis 1:26-30)  God created species after their kind. (Genesis 1:20-25) The Bible says we were all made in the image and likeness of God. Evolutionists believe that we are nothing more than knowledgeable animals. If this is true, we now have the value of a cat, or a cow heading for the slaughter house. Fortunately, this is not true.

The fool says in his heart, there is no God (the Bible). Where there is design, there is a Designer.

Political Indoctrination in Public Education

In most public schools and colleges in America, Evolution is taught as fact and Creation is ridiculed without examining the obvious flaws against Evolution and obvious evidence for Creation. 

(1) Science and Creationism, A View from the National Academy of Sciences, 1999
(2) Time magazine, Nov. 13, 2006
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