The Religious Left - Lies and Deceit
Jim Wallis (Sojourner), CPT (Christian Peacemaking Teams), Pax Christi USA, etc.

The religious left loves to proclaim their moral superiority over everyone else, yet they are the ultimate liars and hypocrites. The religious left’s concept of right and wrong is fundamentally flawed and their belief system is based on a twisted political agenda, instead of Christ’s agenda. The “god” of the religious left is socialism. If you are a socialist and you proclaim yourself to be “for the people,” you can commit virtually any crime and the religious left will look the other way.

The religious left shows great compassion and understanding for socialist dictatorships and evil people in general.  They will be peaceful and sooooo understanding with the insurgents in Iraq, or Castro in Cuba or people on death row.  The religious left loved Ho Chi Minh of North Vietnam during the war in Indochina and gave N. Vietnam monetary and moral support.  The religious left demonstrated constantly against Apartheid in South Africa yet seldom if ever demonstrated against the world’s leading dictatorships - the Soviet Union, their occupation of eastern Europe, Communist China, Cuba and on and on. How many times has the left demonstrated against Russia for their brutal military action against Afghanistan in the 1980s and Chechnya?

Their attitude changes dramatically when dealing with the US and especially the US military. They go from being so understanding to condemnation for the country and the men and women of the military who protect them - and us - from those dictatorships.

The religious left has perverted the Bible to justify an evil political agenda.  Proclaiming a selective message of peace is a perversion of justice.  No where in the Bible does Jesus justify evil.  Rather, Jesus commands the sinner to “sin no more.”  

Jesus said “he who lives by the sword will die by the sword.”  Saddam lived by the sword and he suffered the consequences.  The Talliban in Afghanistan lived by the sword and they suffered the consequences.  The Japanese and Germans in WWII lived by the sword and suffered the consequences.

For a pacifist to use “turn the other cheek” as an excuse to refuse to confront evil in the world is NOT a Christian ideal.  Refusing to confront evil is SUPPORTING evil.  Supporting evil goes against every teaching of Christ.   Actually, coming to the defense of others is a uniquely Christian concept - and the basis for the Just War Theory.

A good read for the religious left would be a book on Sergeant York in WWI. York, a fervent Christian and initially a pacifist, eventually changed his mind and came to view the US as a defender against evil in the world.