National Anthem protests

Athletes who protest the Flag are under the delusion that they are on some great moral crusade to rid America of racism - completely blind to the fact that most racists in America are BLACK. The truth is they are brainwashed, unappreciative prima donnas and nobody cares what they think. While we DO have the Constitutional right to disrespect our flag, this kneeling/raising your fist for the anthem is nothing more then an ‘in your face’ stunt - designed to offend people, not engage in honest discussion. There are plenty of other ways to express your opinion. 

America has spent 50 years passing civil rights laws, imposing quotas in everything and spending billions of dollars in aid to blacks, yet many blacks STILL feel “oppressed” and “angry”. The propaganda slogan is that ‘while some progress has been made, so much more needs to be done.’ This manipulation has worked. Blacks support evil people like Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or hate groups like Black Lives Matter or the NAACP - who want blacks to live in eternal victimhood and have a never ending persecution complex. This has produced a culture where many blacks believe it is morally acceptable to riot or attack whites. The fact is, blacks are not oppressed and Whites are not privileged. Blacks make martyrs out of gangstas and thugs. The FACT is that most blacks instigate these confrontations because they refuse to cooperate with a white police officer. On top of this, we have white liberals who are so closed minded they can’t recognize black racism. If there were 10 white males left in America, racists like Bennett, Kaepernick, etc would STILL be blaming ‘whitey’ for racial injustice. If Blacks want to know who is REALLY ‘oppressing’ them, all they need to do is look into the mirror. 

The black power salute is not an innocent gesture. Being supportive of the Black Panthers and other racist black groups should have consequences - getting fired. These racist black groups have murdered people and started riots that has destroyed much property. Tim Tebow can’t pray in the end zone, but if you hate America, you’re good to go in the NFL. Over the years I have read of people getting fired from their job or expelled from college for supporting the KKK or Nazi Party. Racist blacks should lose their job.