The Worst Presidents of the 20th century


1) Lyndon Johnson - The worst president in US history. He set in motion the destruction of 200 years of the American spirit of self-reliance. His ‘Great Society’ programs resulted in huge tax increases, created a permanent dependency class, budget deficits, did not end poverty and did great harm to America’s work ethic. Johnson's policies of welfare, public housing, food stamps, institutional poverty and 'victimhood' set in motion the destruction of a civil society in much of America. 

Johnson got us stuck in Vietnam in a war he refused to fight to win, preferring to waste thousands of American lives. Johnson was a failure as Commander-in-Chief. He had no political strategy for winning the war. Johnson - a mega control freak - had no military training in strategic planning for war, yet planned numerous military campaigns and the military had to go along. This made failure in Vietnam almost a certainty as we fought the war on Ho Chi Minh’s terms. 

Johnson’s only major accomplishment was passing historic civil rights legislation.

2) Herbert Hoover - Economic mismanagement led to the stock market crash of 1929 and the depression. Hoover was criticized for not doing enough to end the depression. Sadly, what Hoover did do was the worst that could have been chosen: higher taxes and tariffs and a reduced money supply. In his defense, Hoover was presented with an economic situation for which there were no precedents. It should also be noted that Franklin Roosevelt’s economic policy was not particularly successful. FDR just spent a lot more money then Hoover. The depression eased but still lasted up to the start of World War 2.

3) Bill Clinton - Hard to judge recent presidents, but as time goes by, the bad decisions of Clinton will come back to haunt us - quickly.

  • The economic meltdown of 2008  was the direct result of Clinton's  push to make loans available to people with poor credit ratings. The first subprime loan was in 1993 under Clinton and expanded rapidly later in his presidency - all backed up by the government - the taxpayers.         
  • Clinton was the most divisive president in history.  He destroyed the American tradition of agreeing to disagree and still being civil with each other.  The Democrats resorted to continuous hate speech to attack their political opponents.  This hate filled venom continues to this day.
  • The good economy of the late 90s was caused in large part by Congressional Republicans holding the line on spending and defense spending being very low.  
  • Clinton sold / gave Red China a huge amount of top secret technology that allowed Red China to make a quantum leap in military technology and especially in nuclear missile technology.  During the major downsizing of the US military during the 90s, Clinton deliberately allowed sensitive technology to be sold on the open market - and this technology was bought at bargain prices by Russia and especially China.
  • Clinton destroyed the integrity of the voting system with “motor voter” that has resulted in unprecedented voter fraud since 1996.  Most of this vote fraud has benefited the democrats.
  • Clinton became the first President in American history to designate a “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” The President called on Americans to “observe” the month with “fitting” ceremonies.
  • Clinton was certainly the most deceitful President.  During his reelection campaign in 1996, he ran ads saying he had conservative values in conservative areas and on Christian radio.  Clinton ran ads in liberal areas saying he supported gay rights and abortion.

4) Jimmy Carter - Incompetence was the trademark of the Carter Administration. Establishing the Department of Education was the beginning of the end for good education in Public Schools. Carter and his left wing cronies politicized education.

Carter was at his wishy-washy “best” after the American Embassy in Iran was seized by Muslim radicals. Carter’s incompetence also resulted in Iran selling an F-14 Tomcat fighter to the Soviet Union and a disastrous hostage rescue attempt. Thankfully, this dark episode in US history resulted in Carter being defeated for re-election by Ronald Reagan.