The Electoral College


Creating the Electoral College was a brilliant idea by the Founding Fathers. This “Great Compromise” was made at the Constitutional Convention to satisfy the small population states who feared that the populus states would run the country for themselves and the smaller population states would have no say. This is why the House is based on population and the Senate has 2 Senators from each state regardless of population. This way there has to be consensus between the large population states and small population states when legislation is passed in Congress. For these same reasons, the Electoral College is used to determine the Presidency, rather then popular vote. The Electoral College was and still is a brilliant idea!!!

We must recognize that the Constitution was designed to deal with the failings of the human condition. The Founders had many fears of the excesses of human nature, notably the desire to control and accumulate ever increasing power. The Founders were well aware of the historical record on freedom. This is why the voting class was limited at first and then gradually expanded. This is why they put so many checks and balances into the system.

The Constitution established 3 separate branches of government, the executive, legislative and judicial.  Each branch of government was to be a counterbalance against the other two and keep one branch of  government from becoming too powerful. The legislative and executive are subject to the will of the people through elections. The judiciary would not be subject to elections in the hope that they would interpret the Constitution impartially and be free from political pressure. The House of Representative would be based on population, while the Senate would have 2 Senators from each state regardless of population. 

Eliminating the Electoral College would be a severe blow to representative government.