Texas Revolution and Mexican American War

There is considerable opinion in the US and nearly universal opinion in Mexico that the Mexican American War was a war of aggression against Mexico. There has been a tremendous amount of misinformation on this subject and we need to follow the facts.

Seldom in history has a country which made repeated attempts to avoid war with another country been branded an aggressor and the country which refused every attempt to peacefully resolve disputes and repeatedly call for war been labeled the victim.  Yet this is exactly what happened with the US and Mexico over the Mexican American war of 1846.  The US has been branded the aggressor for over a century and a half while Mexico has loudly proclaimed itself the victim.

The Mexican American War of 1846-48 was actually a continuation of the Texas War for Independence fought 10 years earlier. The facts conclusively prove that Mexico’s leader, General Santa Anna, provoked the Texas rebellion in 1835. The cause of the Mexican American War 10 years later was Mexico’s refusal to honor the peace agreement with Texas after being defeated in the 1835-36 war.  Mexico vowed never ending war on Texas until they reconquered the land. When Texas voted to join the US in 1845 for their own protection. Mexico declared - repeatedly - that war with the United States was inevitable. In 1846, General Mariano Parades overthrew the existing government with one stated objective - start a war with the United States and retake Texas. 

Historical revisionists claim we provoked Mexico into attacking the U.S. Army so we had an excuse to go to war and steal what became the southwest US from Mexico. The truth is Mexico was eager to start this war because they were confident they would defeat the US. After being thoroughly crushed, Mexico changed their story and decided it was all the US fault by claiming the US goaded Mexico into attacking the US. Historical revisionists have blindly followed the Mexican line.

Also, there was a lot of hatred and hostility between the US and Mexico because of the brutality and massacres committed by Mexico’s dictator, General Santa Anna, during the Texas war for Independence. Mexico - mostly Santa Anna - continued to inflame this hatred during the years between the 2 wars. 

Most Mexicans claim the southwest US is historically Mexican land. Wrong. This land is historically Indian land. The Spanish stole it from the Indians and then lost this land when they attacked the US to start the Mexican American War.


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