There was once a time when students in our schools learned about our American History. Students, even in their younger years, knew many of the facts, figures, personalities, and major events that comprise the American Experience.

They knew about the famous explorers that came to this continent from across the Atlantic Ocean. They understood the reasons that many came to settle in this undeveloped region, whether or not it was to leave religious persecution, find a new life of opportunity, or simply seeking the ability to own land.

From the late 1500's on, they came from all over Europe. There were colonies established by England, Germany, Spain, France, the Dutch, and even from the Scandinavian Regions.

They understood what America was.

Much has changed in just a generation. Many people, unsatisfied with the historical record, seek to alter history by a combination of patent untruths, willful omissions, and overly broad generalizations. They seek to re-create American History on the basis of a political or social agenda. In doing so, they do a great disservice to our heritage.

Famous American educator Noah Webster rightly said: “The education of youth should be watched with the most scrupulous attention. . . . [It] lays the foundations on which both law and gospel rest for success.”

In this section we will expose some revisionist lies, and how they attempt to alter the historical record.