The Legend of Zorro - also known as Zorro 2 (2005)

Movie info: The movie is placed in California in 1850, when the people will be voting for statehood into the US.

This is a decent action flick if you're under 8 years old. The story line is very bad and the stunts are tedious and unbelievable

The script is very political and blatantly anti-American.

Only the Americans made racist comments against Mexicans. The ordinary Mexicans were devout family men, honest and hard working. The undesirable types were all American except for the main villain who was a French aristocrat. The American villains were incompetent, wussy, racist, murderous and bullies.

Toward the end of the movie, Zorro tells his young son to speak the language of their ancestors - Spanish. The message is America should be bilingual - Spanish and English.

There are a lot better action films out there for younger audiences. Zorro is a loser and anti- American propaganda.

Martin Campbell 
Roberto Orci, Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Alex Kurtzman-Counter