Howard Zinn

Phony historian

Howard Zinn

Howard Zinn was a radical Marxist propagandist masquerading as a historian. Zinn is infamous for his biased reading of America’s history. He was superb at picking out selective information and ignore the big picture to give a distorted - and inaccurate - picture of America. Zinn wrote more than 20 books, including his best-selling and influential A People's History of the United States. This textbook is full of lies, half truths, propaganda and greatly distorts the history of the US. Zinn is largely responsible for brainwashing a large percentage of an entire generation of college and high school students. 

Zinn spent 50 years condemning the country he refused to leave - and the country his parents immigranted to. Zinn was never able to explain why MILLIONS of people from all around the world - mostly poor - would immigrate to America, why 12 MILLION would willingly take up arms to defend America in World War Two and why almost nobody leaves to immigrate to another country. Zinn never explained why there was not constant revolutions in America - like in Mexico. Zinn's history of the US is fraudulent - based on his own delusions and prejudices.

A full book review of A People's History of the United States will be on this website in early 2015.