Evil people

People are evil for different reasons. Some are murderers - like OJ Simpson.
Some are traitors. Others destroy by brainwashing people.

Ames, Aldrich - spy and traitor

Ayers, William - unrepentant terrorist from the 60s

Barnes, Leroy “Nicky” - Drug kingpin of Harlem

Belafonte, Harry - propaganda minister for the political left

Bellesiles, Michael - wrote a book of lies about gun ownership in early America.

Bernstein, Leonard

Brown, Raymond A - civil rights attorney who encouraged witnesses to lie - UNDER OATH - for his clients.

Carter, Rubin (Hurricane) - cold blooded killer

Chomsky, Noam - hates America but won’t leave

Farrakhan, Louis - racist Jew hater

Fuchs, Klaus - Atomic bomb spy

Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales (1928 - 2005), was a racist, militant Mexican American supremacist. 

Gutierrez, Jose Angel - Mexican American Racist and Hatemonger

Hannsen, Robert - traitor who got patriotic men murdered

Jackson, Jesse - race baiter, extortionist.

Johnson, Ellsworth (Bumpy) - Harlem gangster

Lucas, Frank - Harlem’s and NYC’s biggest Heroin supplier

McVeigh, Timothy - American terrorist

Moore, Michael - propaganda and liar for the Left

Mumia Abu-Jamal - cop killer 

Nagin, Ray - former Mayor of New orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Obledo, Mario - Mexican American Racist and Hatemonger

Rosenberg, Julius and Ethel - spies and traitors

Sanchez, David - founder of Brown Beret who was a racist and ethnic supremacist.

Sharpton, Reverend Al - racist who has instigated murders

Simpson, O. J. - cold blooded killer

Soros, George - Nazi collaborator, sociopath and democratic party activist

Tijerina, Reies Lopez - Mexican American Racist, Liar and Hatemonger. Tijerina (1926 – January 19, 2015) rose to prominence in the 1960s by claiming the U.S. had stolen land grants to Mexicans following the Mexican American War of 1848. In 1963 he founded the Alianza Federal de Mercedes organization to demand land for Mexican descendents. He quickly became known for his incendiary rhetoric and he lead the organization down an increasingly violent path. Portrayed as a civil rights and property rights advocate, Tijerina’s true goal was to return the southwest U.S. to Mexico and drive all “Anglos” back to Europe. Basing much of his beliefs on one-sided research and hearsay, he became a domestic terrorist.

Wright, Jeremiah - hate monger and racist

Williams, Stanley “Tookie”  - unrepentant gang leader, killer

Zinn, Howard - phony historian and Marxist apologist