Lancaster Partnership Program

Every reasonable person supported the Civil Rights movement under Martin Luther King in the 1960s because it fought for equality of opportunity. Gradually, the Civil Rights movement turned into a monstrous system of racist policies against whites who had nothing to do with past race issues.

One of these racist programs is called the Partnership Program. An information brochure, now out of print stated, “In December of 1988, three Lancaster area companies - Armstrong World Industries Inc., Lancaster Newspapers Inc., and Hamilton Bank - joined with the School district of Lancaster and with Millersville University to create a scholarship program for African-American and Hispanic students with financial need who graduate from J. P. McCaskey High School beginning in the year 1993.”

A front page article in the  May 14, 1993 Lancaster Intelligencer Journal says: “Founded in 1988 by Millersville University, School district of Lancaster and several local corporations, the Lancaster Partnership Program is providing black and Latino students with a clear-cut path to higher education.”

The article quotes Minor W. Redmond, Director of the program at Millersville: “The program is open only to black and Hispanic students right now, in an effort to make up for a gap in the percentage of those students who attend college versus white students who do, Redmond said.“

‘About 30 percent of white high school graduates go to college, while closer to 15 percent of graduating black and Hispanics do, according to the U.S. Department of education.” “The partners felt they’d like to address that population first, Redmond said.” 

This is perverted logic. If white students stop studying and do worse, would that help their chances of getting into the Partnership Program? This program penalizes white kids who strive to succeed. 

Here it is 2019 - 30 YEARS later - and still no white kids eligible even though the program has been effective in getting more black and Latino students into Millersville University. It's obvious the founders and current officials have no intentions of allowing whites into this program. Anyone who supports this program is a racist.

Incredibly, naive representatives from 10 companies and foundations will pay out big bucks to discriminate against white kids.

The web page of Millersville University for the Partnership Programs states: “The Lancaster Partnership Program is a corporate partnership designed to help Lancaster's African American and Latino Students successfully pursue a college career. Since its founding, the Lancaster Partnership has increased the number of Lancaster City students to go on to higher education, and has helped to keep students in high school.(1)

Here is the latest list available of sponsors for the Partnership Program:(2)

To express your anger at this racist program, you can call Redman at Millersville U. at 717-871-5344. His office is in the Chester House on campus. 

May 2019