Mexican American Legal Defense Fund

MALDEF was co-founded by two Mexican Americans in 1968: Mario Obledo, who died in 2010 and Pedro Tijerina, who died in 2003. MALDEF originally handled legitimate civil rights cases, but as time went by, became increasingly radicalized. 

MALDEF supports “rights” for illegal aliens that they are NOT entitled too because they are here ILLEGALLY. MALDEF supports taxpayer funding for social services for illegal immigrants.
MALDEF opposed - sometimes violently - Proposition 187 in California in 1994, where the state was spending over $3 BILLION a year in aid to illegal aliens. Proposition 187 had this introduction on the ballot: “The People of California find and declare as follows: That they have suffered and are suffering economic hardship caused by the presence of illegal immigrants in this state. That they have suffered and are suffering personal injury and damage caused by the criminal conduct of illegal immigrants in this state. That they have a right to the protection of their government from any person or persons entering this country unlawfully.” Proposition 187 passed by 59 to 41 percent but was eventually declared unconstitutional by liberal judges after being challenged in court by MALDEF and the morally clueless Clinton administration. Clinton was more interested in getting more voters for the democratic party then in doing what was right.

MALDEF opposes enforcement of “E-Verify” to determine if a job applicant is in the US illegally.(1)

MALDEF opposed the bipartisan SAVE Act bill in Congress in 2007 (H.R. 4088 in the House and S. 2368 in the Senate). This bill would have secured America's borders by adding 10,000 border patrol agents, require all US employers to use “E-Verify” to determine if you are in the country legally and expanded the 287(g) program, in which local police are trained to enforce federal immigration laws when the situation arrises in the normal performance of their duties.(2) 

Even though the integrity of the voting system is essential to a democracy, MALDEF has opposed all laws that would require proof of identification at the polls. A case in point was Proposition 200, the "Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act." This was an Arizona state initiative, passed in 2004 that requires persons to provide proof of citizenship to register to vote and for voters to present a photo identification before receiving a ballot at the polling place.(3)

MALDEF supports Mexico dumping 55,000 children into the US and files lawsuits against cities that refuses to accept all these illegals. These children should be sent back to their countries of origin - to their parents.(4)
MALDEF pushed for California to pass the AB540 law that allows reduced tuition for students who are illegal aliens.(5)

For nearly 200 years, immigrants learned English and didn’t demand special accommodations. MALDEF opposes making English the official language of the US.(6)

MALDEF supports amnesty for the 10-12 MILLION illegals now in the country, even though amnesty would result in 20 to 40 million more relatives coming into our country.(7)
      MALDEF was co-founded by two Mexican Americans: Mario Obledo, who died in 2010 and Pedro Tijerina, who died in 2003. Statements by Obledo shows how racist he was. Obledo made statements about California becoming a "Hispanic state" at least twice, during an appearance on Ray Briem's talk radio show in May or June of 1998, and again on the Tom Leykis' talk radio show:
     Obledo: "We're going to take over all the political institutions of California. In five years the Hispanics are going to be the majority population of this state." 
      Caller: "You also made the statement that California is going to become a Hispanic state, and if anyone doesn't like it, they should leave. Did you say that?" 
      Obledo: "I did. They ought to go back to Europe."(8)

The hypocrisy of these racist Mexicans is amazing. They want whites to go back to Europe because they don’t belong here, but ignore blacks, asians - and themselves. To be consistent, the Spanish should go back to Europe too.

MALDEF believes the southwest US historically belongs to Mexico. This is NOT true. The Southwest US historically belonged to the Indians. Mexico stole this land from the Indians and then lost this land to the US when Mexico attacked the US to start the Mexican American War of 1846 - a war Mexico was certain they would win.(9)

Obledo also proved his xenophobic racism at the 1984 Democratic National Convention when he threatened to boycott voting to protest the candidacy of Walter Mondale, declaring “I am a Democrat and I love may party, but I love my (Mexican) community more!”(10) 

Obledo was also an enemy of free speech. With the waves of illegals entering California, a sign was erected at Blythe, California near the Arizona border which said “Welcome to California, the Illegal Immigrant State.” This obvious truth offended Obledo who “vowed to burn or deface the sign." He then issued a press release that said on Sat, June 27, 1998 the billboard would be set on fire. The local sheriff telephoned Obledo, not to warn him against committing a criminal act, but to warn him of a nearby natural gas plant that might explode. Delighted at this escalation, Obledo spoke to the Sacramento Bee of an explosion that would annihilate Blythe. But 4 days before the scheduled climax, the billboard company took the sign down, under pressure from advertisers.(11)(12) 

Incredibly, Obledo received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1998 by the clueless Bill Clinton.

Obledo and his like are really traitors who equate assimilation into America with subordination and inferiority. People who leave their native lands behind to assimilate into America, as over 70 million have done since 1790, are now viewed as sell outs who have betrayed their true cultural identity. These traitor immigrants come here with demands. They want catered to in their own language. They demand affirmative action. They demand ethnic studies that glorify their culture. The amazing thing about these immigrants who think they are better then Americans is that they come from countries that are dysfunctional - mostly Mexico. IF MEXICO IS SO WONDERFUL, WHY ARE YOU HERE??? Is it because you want to escape political turmoil,  murderous drug cartels, widespread poverty, a disastrous economic system, bad health care and poor education? Mexico’s contributions to scientific, social and economic advancements are nil. The US saved the world in World Wars One and Two and the Cold War. Mexico contributions were nil. Why aren’t millions of people going TO Mexico, instead of LEAVING Mexico? Who would want the US become like Mexico?

The Founding Fathers knew that immigrants from many different countries would be coming to America. This is why they adopted our national motto “E Pluribus Unum” in 1782 - "Out of many, one." America had to have areas of conformity, or else we would not have a unified nation. These racist immigrants, mostly Mexicans, want to destroy, not assimilate.

Tijerina grew up in Laredo, Texas and was not a victim of prejudice. In fact, when Tijerina needed his high school diploma to get into college, the principal, J. W. Nixon, told him: “Pete, if you pass the college entrance exam to Texas, I’ll give you your diploma.” Tijerina passed and got his high school diploma.(13)

During World War 2, as the only Mexican American in his company, Tijerina said his ethnicity was never a concern, as he was surrounded by many different ethnicities from all over the country. He retired from MALDEF in 1992.(13) 

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