Anytime there is a discussion regarding energy & the environment you will invoke many differing opinions. During the past several decades, they have become a “hot-button” topic for many Americans.   From rising energy costs, to policies of the  Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, these intertwined issues often have a direct effect on American families, their jobs, and their overall future.

In this section you will find a number of articles that address these issues.  Some deal with our energy policy, others deal with the current state of technology, others deal with the financial impact of policies and mandates of our government.

It should be understood that these articles, particularly on technology, are in no way a full scientific analysis, but are presented as a basic overview of the topics presented.   There is much information available from many reliable sources.  In these articles we will attempt to offer differing points of view, and give you a starting point to form an informed opinion on these issues, free of emotion and rhetoric.    

Anyone that has done research using the Internet knows it is prudent to double check and verify what you find.   It is our hope that you read this material, then do additional investigation, and find out more for yourself.